About this transfer Student X: presented the author’s one-shot from The Seven Deadly Sins

Nakaba Suzuki, Author of The seven deadly sinswill soon release a new one-shot titled About this transfer Student X. on Shogakukan's online site Manga ONE. The special will be available from midnight on October 31, 2020 and will tell the story of teacher Mishuku and a mysterious student who has just moved to school.

Student X is about this transfer. The first original work by Nakaba Suzuki was published in the last ten years, a period of time in which the author focused exclusively on the serialization of the seven deadly sins. The adventures of Meliodas and his companions ended in March last year with the publication of Chapter 346 of the work, and fans will surely be delighted to discover a new work by the author that has delighted them for so many years.

We are waiting to hear new details about the one-shot, which arrives tomorrow, and remind you that The Seven Deadly Sins will get a fourth season of the anime adaptation that will finally bring the story to a close. The new series titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Fundo no Shinpan will be released in January 2021.

What do you think about it? Are you interested in this new one-shot? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In the meantime, we leave the full review of The Seven Deadly Sins manga to you.

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