The anime of ONE PIECE it continues slowly towards the core of the narrative arc that takes place in the country of Wa after suffering a significant production delay due to the pandemic. In Episode 934, as already mentioned, Zoro will be involved in a conflict with Gyukimaru and Kamazo.

We left in the last episode the Mugiwara swordsman against Gyukimarubecause he stole his precious Shusui sword. However, the events in the preview, which you can find at the end of the news, show us how quickly Zoro also has to face it that is one of the co-founders of the Pirates of Kidd killerwho temporarily became an assassin by order of Orochi under the name Kamazo to save his captain.

The title of episode 934, “Great Twist: The Three Swords Technique Beyond Death!”This certainly points to the intensity and danger of the fight in which Zoro will be involved, which will also cause the ex-bounty hunter a wound from Kamazo, as can be seen in a preview frame.

Recall that in previous episodes we saw great news for Luffy’s Haki, who seems to finally want to conquer the Conqueror King’s ambition, and that in the recent Chapter 985 of ONE PIECE, Kaido is preparing to change the world.

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