The best-known series and franchises in the manga and anime sector certainly include the works of Eiichiro Oda, ONE PIECE and by Hirohiko Araki, Jojos Bizarre Adventures, who despite their profound differences can find numerous points of contact, such as the extravagant powers of the devil fruits on one side and the stands on the other.

In fact, there are many differences between the pirates Straw hat crew and the Joestar family struggle with adversity of all kinds and across generations. However, a fan of both series devoted a nice what-if to introduce themselves Monkey D. Luffy as Josuke Higashikata, Protagonist of Jojo's fourth series, Diamond Is Unbreakable.

The fan in question shared the result of his passionate imagination on Twitter, and at the end of the news we reported on the post. Regarding the status of The Hand of the character Okuyasu Nijimura, the user has completely changed the faces of Josuke and his companions with those of Luffy, Usop and Chopper.

Although the two characters Luffy and Josuke don't have much in common, the result is still nice and interesting. Remember that the last sheet was officially announced by ONE PIECE and that the series with the old episodes will return to Italy 2.

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