We have been in the arc of Wanokuni for a long time, which will conclude a huge saga that began from Punk Hazard Kaido is the ultimate goal. For this reason, the protagonist of ONE PIECE has to defeat the Emperor of the Hundred Beasts during the Battle of Onigashima. But as he noted, he's not the only opponent who defeats.

In fact, Big Mom has also arrived in Wanokunialthough the Empress was forced to part with her crew. Surprisingly, Luffy's other enemy has allied himself with Kaido, creating an alliance that could shake the seas with the ultimate goal of taking One Piece and the world over.

in the Chapter 987 of ONE PIECE However, Luffy and Big Mom face each other again. This time Luffy is stronger and has learned the ryou, that haki version of armor that could hurt both her and Kaido too. Before he pounces on Kaido, the straw hat pirate must defeat the empress, unless something happens that blocks the fight in the bud.

will Luffy to defeat Big Mom and then show up in the presence of Kaidoto defeat the latter too? Or will Eiichiro Oda make other decisions in the next few chapters and resolve an apparently specific conflict?

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