Deku was forced to make extremely important and radical decisions. His dream of becoming a hero continues, but his path has changed unpredictably after recent events, and in My Hero Academia 309 we have had evidence.

Midoriya accepted Muscular and successfully beat him, then took the bad guy to the police. The protagonist of My Hero Academia quickly moves away from the area and contacts All Might and in touch A review begins with the speech between teacher and student.

In the hospital, Izuku learns of the changes in his physique shortly after talking to the former owners of the One for All. In addition to All Might, there is also Deku's mother in the hospital room, who can't help but be worried. There The woman thus learns of the true nature of the idiosyncrasy that is in her son's possession, remain stunned and worried.

But Deku steps in and knows that his mother would never accept his decision. The boy, aware of the moments spent with the hero, tells his mother that he must go away for these games to come true and save all the people who need itbut that one day he'll return home safe and sound anyway.

My Hero Academia 309 therefore gives a moment between mother and child that ranges between past and present, in a moving parallel.

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