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Final Chapter: An Undefeated Warrior

The friends get back together, but they are further apart. Momo decides to move away and Rika just wants revenge. Ohto is pressured to break the egg. Once broken, it comes out of the container by itself. Parallel worlds? That is the answer, a reality where she is committing suicide and her worst fear is Professor Sawaki himself. Although they are the same person, they lived different things, Koito did not exist for the Ohto of another dimension. Now it's different, Ohto faces the nightmare and defeats it, saves Koito, but a new being appears that he has to face. Ohto wake up and it's over.

Chapter Opinion

It was an excellent end if we only look at the side of individual crises, overcoming depression. But if we look at it in history as a whole, it didn't solve anything, Frill is still out there and we don't know anymore. It was about half a season or three chapters missing to complete the story. I say three chapters because it doesn't seem right or appropriate for frill to be eliminated in one chapter. His presence and knowledge of his plan are important. It was announced that there will be an additional chapter in June, the story will continue, but if it is a conclusion it might be satisfactory, yes I am not losing hope because it was a good anime, and for mine Part also was the best of the season for the theme, animation, soundtrack. My respect to the studio, it's done well, it's an anime I'll never forget.

Pain and vengeance

The girls affected already know who they are: Momo and Kawai. The first wishes he had never been involved, which means he never met the girls: he prefers to keep the initial pain than to intensify it. Momo withdraws despite Ohto's pain. Kawai has a strong desire for revenge, she wants to return and take the risk of avenging her "friend" husbands. The problem is that she can no longer, it is too late, her suffering has convinced her and that has prevented her from becoming a warrior of Eros. What's more, the Acca realize that Kawai will become an enemy in a possible season two if she goes ahead and gets Frill's prey?

The last big challenge: yourself

It is very logical that the last creature to be saved is Ohto himself, with her we begin and with her we end. Because the last enemy we have to overcome in order to be sane is yourself, because the last person to be sane with is with yourself. When Ohto speaks to Ohto, he has to understand himself, accept her pain and realize that there is room for improvement. Your whole context may be fine, but internally, you can still be wrong and most likely this is because you haven't accepted yourself yet and may not have spoken to yourself out of fear. She was Ohto's last obstacle, so she was able to free Koito, because she could finally recognize and recognize herself.

The wrong Sawaki

One of the biggest problems we can face is how we view problems or daily life. What I mention is reflected in, and she corroborates, the chapter's sawaki, a nightmare product of the insecurities and fears of Ohto himself. Throughout the anime, Sawaki seemed to be what was said of him: a fake that uses a mask to manipulate as he wishes. In the end it seems that because there is something confusing, it seems that Sawaki was the one who made Koito commit suicide. But the Ohto we know is much more confident of himself and all that is ready to fight. So she said to Neiru: Although she is a fake friend, she is grateful to Koito for saving her.

The latter is like the case between Lelouch and Rolo, the latter began to appreciate the former because he showed him affection and that was enough to give his life for him. Even the most evil being can be the savior of a being of goodness as long as it suffers. It doesn't matter if it's wrong, as long as we feel good it will help.

Acca and Ura-Acca

A discord can be felt among the Acca. Acca is much colder and doesn't care much about what happens to the girls as long as it comes down to bringing Himari, he just sees them as parts of his fight. Ura-Acca is more sensitive but for some reason doesn't say more. Its forms show disagreement with Acca and take on a resemblance to the girls. If we look at the memories, Acca was the most sentimental and Ura-Acca the coldest and most distant, now it seems to be the other way around. When someone who is feeling very hurt gets hurt, their new feelings can be darkest, especially after you've lost the two people who loved you the most. If there is a possible long continuation, Ura-Acca will turn his methods against his friend, or at least it will.

An indefinite ending

There are things that are not very well understood: How does Neiru relate to everything we have seen? It seems that he knows that he always knew that he was with them (the Acca) and who else will know what. Finally, a new being appears that was not mentioned: Kirara Rodriguez matured XVIII. Evening star SS Plun. Whom? Another frilled servant? It may be, it's shaped like the creatures we've seen. Kirara is in charge of fighting Ohto, but Ohto wakes up and doesn't fight and the anime ends there.

I hope it doesn't stay that way Hoshiai no Soraand culminates in the best part. The June Chapter I hope there's a sequel, there is material, it may not be like this season in terms of story and depth, but there is still something to discover. Hope this anime has served many as it has helped me. Highly Recommended.


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