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Chapter 5: Day of the Drunken Hits

Ohto goes up against Yoshida Yae's monster, but it's a losing battle for now. In reality, her mom is saying that she should tell her something related to the teacher: to start a relationship. Ohto doesn't take it well and ends up kicking things before seeing his friends. He tells them what happened and Momo is upset, but he doesn't like the options Kawai is offering him and Ohto is more worried about Koito, which upset Momo by then leaving you. Neiru mentions one possibility they are missing out on: that Ohto likes the professor. She denies it, but in her confrontation with Yae's monster she realizes, and even more in her bathroom, she gets dressed and runs to the teacher and tells him that she will return to school.

Chapter Opinion

Another very good chapter. Which surprises me WEP It's like that I feel like they had more episodes, that there was so much content and that it went so well that it doesn't feel heavy or loaded, a good rhythm that makes us feel like we've had more when we actually saw what I think is excellent. The only thing that doesn't quite suit me in this chapter is Neiru, and not because I don't like her, but because in the previous chapter it was suggested that there is a greater distance, but today we see her in the group, in everything, although yes, it was a little distant. There were also more parables that we shall comment on, some obvious and some less. I think it was the first time they used faces to generate a bit of comedy, which is good. I didn't see it badly. I just got the feeling that the animation contains less detail on this. Excellent.


I think that's the most obvious parable. The hater is the "evolution" of No evilwho are common enemies. The hater appears out of envy and defiance of the girls. In the translation I read "from the girls" and I think it must have been a problem of deism because "the envy of the girls" makes more sense than "the envy of the girls" because hater hates those who stand out, we'll talk about that later. These beings are after the heroes and want to destroy them. They don't show their faces, but they are strong in a group. I think the hint is somewhat clear.

People are encouraged in groups, but when they are alone they are usually cowards. It happens in real life as in virtual life (social networks). They are people who, out of envy, see that their life is not good and attack those who excel because they don't want anyone to get noticed if they don't. Envy is nourished by a feeling of inferiority and a desire to be superior, but since they cannot be superior themselves, they turn to a community that will support them in actions that threaten their personal integrity. And the "but they have to come to terms with criticism" is just a legitimate expression for the prevailing attack, which only keeps people in their comfort zone, in their egg, and is an excuse not to change. A person cannot endure everything alone, that is inhuman.

Give it back to the egg

This made me very curious when a mannequin told Ohto that Yae will return to the egg and it will heal in 10 minutes. Keeping someone in the egg means keeping them in their safe zone, where things are good and therefore can heal quickly. In the safe or comfort zone, the person can feel peaceful and calm, but in a closed way, which is not the best, as it isolates the person and does not allow them to face the world. But the question is: a person who returns to their egg will be able to heal, but they will not be rehabilitated.

Inform, contact and consult

That sentence got me thinking. Informing I understand it as being informed, to find out something. Contact us for assistance and find someone who knows about the information. But not only looking, but also asking, is to consult with this person. And he says that this is how society works or that it is based on it. By and large it comprises one thing (informing), searching (contact) and the other (advising). But I also have the feeling that psychological "intervention" works like this: knowing that I have a problem, contacting someone who knows (a psychologist) and seeing the psychologist. Maybe it's digging, I'm not denying it, but I've been thinking about it.

Attract attention

This is a topic that is related to hater. Ohto, Kawai, Momo and Neiru sought help in the dream world, although they didn't want to, they just wanted to solve their problem and not attract attention. This is something very difficult, if you do something, when you start a project and one that works, even if you want to go low you won't be able and eyes will be on you. Doing good things for yourself and for others will always bring words from others, whether we like it or not, and as I said: in the end, the consequences have to be paid for.

That reminds me of a theatre, True beautywhere the protagonist draws a lot of attention to "solve" her beauty problem, which then causes her problems because they discover her and pay for it. This is how society works, it stands out and it will get your attention and others will attract their hatred of you for their own incompetence. This is not always the case, but man is so selfish because one person's well-being depends on another's unhappiness. Interesting what is addressed in the chapter on this topic.

New allies

Maybe it's my situation that I see it that way, but it really does seem that way to me WEP gives alternatives and tips on how to fight depression or things related to it. The Pomanders that they keep animals to help them fight monsters. That means you can count on someone to face it hater, endure the stress and anxiety these beings can cause so you can move on with your goal. This is similar to pets in that these beings can be therapeutic and help out in their worst moments. It may not work for everyone, but it works for people with sensitivity and a need for affection. In addition, they help keep the mind busy with the bad in order to focus on the good or priorities. In large part, that's what makes Leo Ohto feel.


We already heard about the professor, but he's still suspicious. Do you really want to be with Ohto's mother or is something hidden? As it has been mentioned, there are three options: if he wants to be with Ohto's mother, does he want to take advantage of Ohto, or is Ohto the one to rethink. Neiru has the answer: Occam's razor. This 13th century English philosopher suggested what Neiru mentioned: The simplest answer is usually the right one. Ohto reconsiders so as not to expose his own feelings. But, of course, that doesn't mean that the others don't. For my part, I still suspect the professor.

The enemy you don't want to see

I would have liked to talk a little more about Yae, but the review would be too long. What about Yae is understandable, there are things that some see and others don't, and I'm not just referring to ghosts, but to the selectivity of people. Where some see problems, others see nothing, because an identical situation does not affect two people in the same way. Therefore, Ohto could not see the monster because he did not recognize him as Yae when Ohto accepted his feelings and his problem, which made the invisible enemy visible to defeat him. Several times we deny situations and feelings that prevent us from progressing. Only when we accept these things and are ready to fight them can we run in the rain and go back to school.

Maybe we'll see Ohto back at school in the next chapter, that would be interesting to see. We'll know we just have to wait and improve.


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