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Chapter 23: Perfect Trajectory

The brothers are getting more complicated now, they even use snipers, but the two agents notice and manage to counter any attempt to rig the game. His experience and skill allow the satisfactory result to complete the mission. There's another complication, but it's quickly resolved and they manage to find the painting, hence the codes. On the way back they meet Yor and Anya. Fiona decides to challenge her to a tennis match to prove that she is the perfect woman for Loid. The result was foreseeable for Mr. Faker, Yor destroyed all hope. At the secret headquarters, they reveal to Loid that the codes were for something secret and private to a senior official, something that could cause a family crisis, not a global one. Disillusioned, he thinks of his family while Fiona practices with the bat.

chapter opinion

They added a bit more emotion to the game of tennis, but I think everything was predictable and ended where it should. Because of that, it seemed more entertaining to me when they finished all those secret tournaments, because seeing Yor compete with a rival that seemed to be on her level added spice to the chapter. I know Yor's strength, but everything that happened was just as surprising in a way. On a technical level, everything is neat and of quality as it should be. In this respect there is nothing to blame him for, he fulfills the expectations (I would say more than).

little complicated

As I pointed out, the tournament portion was a formality for the agents, especially Loid, who showed his experience when noticing the sniper, because Fiona was a little more focused on impressing her fake husband. The brothers end up accepting defeat and say they will train more, a kind of personal reorientation. They had to duplicate the painting to get the original painting, that was the last difficulty because obviously if it has codes they wouldn't release it that easily. There you can see how careful and efficient Loid is, who is an utterly perfect character, only with a background we don't know much about (personal psychology due to the horrors we know he went through, but himself not dealt with it). .

unexpected results

Two results that were unexpected for me. The first was the second in the anime, where the codes were nothing more than an entry for a personal journal containing photos of young actresses (which can be considered disturbing if made by someone very old). These photos could lead to a family breakdown and leave a very good final reflection on family and even love relationships, in a way it is like this: we all have things to hide and for those things the situation can be complicated. It doesn't take infidelity to throw a relationship into crisis, little things can be the cause or things we consider unimportant.

The second was the destructive power of Yor, which he did not expect. I thought really awkwardly that he missed the tennis ball as he threw it from the force he was using. Is that possible? With enough power, yes, it seems to me, since racquet strings are usually made of a very resilient material and are also very tempered, a good central hit with enough power could do what happened (although I think that's more doable). it bursts because there is air in it). She took it very seriously because she really wanted to show that she was a good wife, in her own way. Loid already knew the outcome, so he told him it wasn't a good idea. The practice was very good. Despite this victory, Yor is seen at the end with a completely discouraged and apathetic face, what can happen?

If I'm not wrong the next chapter is the end, it got me tense with this unknown of Yor. I hope it's a happy ending because I think a lot of this second batch was a bit weak, although it's understandable that, as I pointed out in a previous review, surprising things don't always have to happen. But this is a season finale so I hope it's going to be great.

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