Eiichiro Oda has accustomed us to the mystery in ONE PIECE, or rather to the many secrets that are hidden here and there for his masterpiece and that after many years are still waiting for an answer. Among them, of course, there is also the character of Joy Boy, an enigmatic pirate who seems to be related to our protagonist.

Composed of Luffy, Nika, and Joy Boy, the trinomial appears to be part of a larger whole Oda He took care of the smallest details before the big reveal that will sooner or later appear between the pages of ONE PIECE. Anyway, recently a user on Reddit took the opportunity to get an idea the aspect of the sun god Nika in an illustration. In reality, the artist took as a reference the silhouette of the character illustrated by the author and enriched it with details drawn from folklore and mythology.

In the Caribbean folklore that the Sensei seems to be inspired by, joy boy He was a slave imported to Africa along with other individuals who would suffer the same fate. According to tradition, he carried a drum with which he entertained people, always smiling at the troubles of the world. Oda probably pictured him shirtless, in some kind of skirt or primitive clothing, probably with a spear and sword of not very high quality.

Also, who knows, the Gom Gom fruit itself didn't help make the character even more bizarre as he danced and took on increasingly weird forms. And you, what do you think of this hypothesis? Let us know with a comment below.

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