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Chapter 15: New family

Loid manages to get out of the duel unscathed with the cannon and finds a way to remove the bomb without hurting her. The terrorist leader is captured thanks to Yor. The crisis is averted, but the dogs are still a problem, when they go to get the big white dog, Anya cries and threatens not to go to school if she doesn't stay with the family; You accept. Now Anya has to housetrain him and give him a name, which is not an easy task for her. At school she tells her friend that she has a pet, she looks lively, she tells him second sonasking for the dog after being rude, fatal consequence. After thinking about it so much, he watches the spy anime and decides to name it Bond, like Bondman. Now Anya has a great boyfriend at home.

Chapter Opinion

The tension has eased, Loid can finally recover a little from the day he had to live. The only moving part was the beginning where they practically summarize what happened in the previous chapters. In this chapter it doesn't bother me that they do, I just hope it doesn't become something permanent because it seems to me that such precious seconds can be lost for the new that has to appear. The episode itself was quiet and weird for a few moments and mostly dealt with Anya and her relationships now that she has a pet. The search for the name seems to me to be the central theme of the chapter. Obviously a calm moment for a storm to come.

The great mission continues

The big task is, of course, to approach the family of the second child with the necessary legal means. With the newly arrived pet, Anya sees a chance to help Loid by reaching out to the young master. She first practices with her friend, it goes well and she quickly chooses Damian. It doesn't work at first, but he sees her rudeness and tries to smooth things over with a simple question Anya can't answer. The heroine's opportunity to say "dog" disappeared.

I can see two things from this situation, one of which is obvious: Anya is bad at handling information. She's a girl and she's not a genius, once she has something that seems useful she wants to use it without giving it a second thought. This makes Anya very charming. The other thing is that Damian gradually changes his demeanor with the medium, out of pleasure or convenience, although it seems more the former to me. At the same time, it can be a symptom of two things: either it matures or it becomes tsundere.

looking for a name

As I said, this seemed to me to be the main topic of the chapter and it could have solved certain negative circumstances for Anya, not everything, but it was at least a way out (as Damian, while not the answer to your question, it was a way out ). The first names he gave him were very... very... not very dog-like, they seemed to be names of people of the nobility. On the other hand, Bond shows a tough and intimidating character, although it doesn't seem so at first glance, and protects Anya from another dog. So it should be a name that shows both danger and quiet intimidation. The chosen name seems to come from Anya's little imagination, but it suits the great dog very well: Bond. I think we all get the hint.

Good chapter, I wouldn't say less level (intensity is not synonymous with superior), the level seems to be maintained to me. But it has less content to develop the story. There is, yes, but this was already the completion of what we were shown previously, so it would be like the final evolution of this arc in particular. But hey, the next chapter caught my attention because of the progression, let's see what comes of it.

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