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Chapter 12: The One Who Guides Us

Armin comes out of Annie's rooms and in front of a mob that yells against the Legion, but has many secrets in sight. Pixi talks to Jelena, who reveals that she has secretly seen Eren without the intention of just wanting to meet him. Hange speaks to Onyankopon, whom he wants to speak to about Jelena, and reveals satisfactory information. Mikasa and Armin ask Generalissimo Darius Zackly for permission to see Eren. He is denied, they leave and after a few minutes Zackly explodes in front of the screaming mob Shinzou Sasageyo. Floch meets with Eren and they go for Zeke and Historia. Pixis is the new leader and makes the smartest decision to surrender. War drums are played in the restaurant. Pieck infiltrates and is on his guard.

Chapter Opinion

I really liked the chapter, the compilation, and the information it contained, but I paid a lot of attention to the animation and use of the "camera" in this chapter, and I especially didn't like that. The first half made me feel better . Mikasa's and Armin's faces will be suitable for memes. This makes me say that a series can have poor video quality, but at the plot level, it can attract a lot, and that takes a catch. I mention it because at the beginning I found the chapter redundant and with the animation I didn't like I almost left it - but I remembered needing to check it out. However, the conspiracy has pulled me more under the spell and removed the shortcomings. Some may not forgive this, which is understandable.

I don't notice anything extraordinary about the chapter, something special that is memorable, maybe the scene of Eren with Floch or the Generalissimo, but not something that makes me say “wao”. This chapter is enjoyed in its entirety without extracting parts, it works as a whole because otherwise it feels boring. This is a good thing, even if it sounds bad, because it continues to entertain.

Something announced

Without Armin's love for Annie, what followed was somewhat predictable, and not because it was obvious before the chapter, but because the subjects Armin and Mikasa saw looked very suspicious. On top of that, the mob demand Eren's freedom with such passion and passion that it seems like they're taking over the headquarters. Outwardly, everything heralded a malicious event against the Legion, but in the gut it was a somewhat difficult day and still routine.

The weather heralded a death that could have been avoided if Armin and Mikasa had paid more attention to the three recruits and the chairman, as every newcomer has to be suspicious as young people are increasingly aligning themselves with the revolutionary ideas of their time and the The most revolutionary idea comes from the Jeager faction.

I just wanted to meet him

Jelena, Jelena, Jelena, tall blonde Jelena. Enigmatic character, whose intentions are not yet clear, in conversation with Pixis. She was behind various actions and gave impetus to the actions Eren would take, but these were not her primary or personal intentions. It can be seen that Jelena is a fanatic who fights for her ideas, but not for ideals, that she is selfish and does more for them. She was only moved by curiosity, she just wanted to meet this Eren who nobody knows.

"Do you know how to tell a good lie? Confuse parts of the truth from time to time." One of the best Pixis phrases, very precise because she knows that Jelena is not lying about Eren, but she uses this truth, to avoid telling deeper truths, intentions that have nothing to do with her. Lying with the truth is the best way to lie because it is paradoxical.

Goodbye Darius Zackly

Darius Zackly, an important character in the shadows without much screen presence, as a good leader. Though it was in the anime, in the world of Shingeki He was a recognized and important figure, he wasn't in the shadows as such, but the mob wouldn't have been outside. Armin and Mikasa seek him to ask permission to see Eren, speak to him and get information, especially to understand what moved him. Their request is denied, but they already suspected they had made a decision about Eren: to find him a replacement. When Mikasa tried to return, the explosion occurred. Generalissimo Zackly flies away, his body lying in front of the angry mob, which fervently shouted the motto of every fighter: Shinzou Sasageyo.

Shinzou sasageyo

This phrase is very recognized, it was even used as a meme or slogan in certain groups Otaku or fans of SNK. It's a phrase of struggle, devotion, zeal and defense of an idea or an ideal, it's a phrase for fans. I loved that this mob "x" used it because it skews Erwin's original message, because it makes it clear that a phrase does not define a group of people, that a set of words can be used by enemies and friends . A slogan may have authorship, but it has multiple recipients with different thoughts, it reaches different groups that can be enemies. If you pick up the phrase that doesn't make you better or worse, it will bring you much less on the side of good. This just means that everyone thinks they are better than others and that they are right, a fanatic who has to fill their void with an equally empty phrase.

Eldia Empire

Floch's encounter with the Messiah Eren gives meaning and form to the emerging new kingdom of Eldia. Eren is the Christ who proclaims the kingdom and who must rule, only that it is not by divine commission but human, from the resentments who have had a past of glory and who think that this is the natural state. The nationalist extremists of the Jeager faction are a dangerous group that have infiltrated various sectors of the Paradis armed forces making them an extremely dangerous group as there is no worse threat than not knowing who the threat is.

The appointment of the Jeager faction wasn't epic, it was like, well, we'll say it. I think this part could have been better, but the timing was tight. It has not been given the meaning it appears to be. Eldia's new kingdom is small, but it is not because it is small that it is less dangerous, otherwise the world would not be as it is.

Pixi you are wise

Speaking of little importance, it doesn't seem like Pixis mattered much either, except for season one and part of the third. However, in this chapter he received the fame and notoriety he deserved not only for the phrase that was said to Jelena, but also for the decision made. Someone might say: but they have to keep fighting, why does he surrender, he is a coward. And before he answers: The smartest answer is not always the bravest. Let's put it this way: the logical thing is to save as many lives as possible, the illogical thing is that more die than they should. For this reason it is most logical to surrender to the Jeager Group, but not to submit, but to use the negotiations and continue with what has been planned so that progress and positions won are not erased. Fool who thinks a war is won with bravery, maybe a fight yes and it can be the decisive fight, but the previous actions were the ones that led to this final event. Pixis knows and tearfully, she prefers to lose than to lose more people.

We definitely won't see the rumble this final season. In the absence of four chapters, there are still a few things that need to be explained and they take the time to develop the story as best they can, which is good. Let's just hope we can see the last part soon.


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