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Chapter 10: Strong Arguments

"Fight, fight," Eren repeats, looking at his reflection. Hange sees him and questions him, but it fails. In the past, the construction of the first port and the arrival of the first foreigners, the azumabito of Hizuru, were maintained. They leave with Mikasa's apologies, they go for Zeke's plans, and they go for their own interests. The negotiations are not favorable to the Eldians, who see their sovereignty in danger, but Historia accepts certain terms for their peace. Eren does not accept the terms but for the moment things are going as it is as there are no more options. Historia is pregnant, which makes it difficult to kill Zeke. Jean and the others talk about what to think of Eren and what to do about him.

Chapter Opinion

Interesting chapter that in my opinion added a lot more than the previous one, although that served as a base. I've seen a scene that can be considered poorly animated, maybe there are others. I mean, when they're in wagons going back to the walls after the conversation where they talked about who would inherit the attack titan. There I noticed the somewhat strange faces. Well some will still hurt to see Sasha. The narration of the chapter seemed good to me, I like the leaps into the past and they don't feel constrained, but rather as a contrast and at the same time as everything present was born from those past moments. Theoretically 6 chapters are missing, but I think we all doubt they cover it all in 6 chapters and rumors about a movie sound. We will see.


I ask myself the same question as Hange, why is Eren saying this to himself as if he were talking to someone else? We could say it's normal, some of us have, but in Eren there is reason to be suspicious. Let us remember that the memory of the previous wearer is gathered from the current one and that the Attack Titan has certain machinations with the past. Those who are up to date with the manga will be able to understand it better. I limit myself to not giving so much spoiler. Another question also arises: what is Eren's reason for the fight? And this is exactly where he returns to the past when he has a lot to contrast. Up front, we see a more sincere Eren showing his answer no matter what. Now we see him more closed, selfish, and unable to see what he is trying to do. Fight who, against whom and for what?


Hizurus Azumabito, can you trust them? We've already met them halfway at the Marley banquet, we don't know that many details about them, but we understand that they are a small and disadvantaged country because they supported Paradis in the past and were close to the Fritz royal family. They know that the other countries will not give them anything, that they are definitely a vassal state, so they have to take advantage of every letter that gives them an alliance. However, the fact that they contacted Zeke that they only want a resource and that they are strangers increases the risk to the island. While their suggestions can bring them wellbeing, they are forcing something they have longed for: freedom.

My house…

The problem with Mikasa, a descendant of the Hizuru royal family, doesn't suit me very well. I understand that after the loss of the war, the royal family of the "Asian" line took refuge in Paradis, but gradually they were wiped out. And that makes me wonder: is Hizuru a kingdom or a republic? Mikasa is only used as an excuse to build better relationships, nothing more, they don't come for her or try to make her feel special than the others. Mikasa realizes this, knows it is an excuse and begins to distrust them too. Is anyone really that important to Mikasa or was it just a fictional story? It's not well known, we just have the certainty that it is an Ackerman.

Political and economic advantages

Paradis is doing badly, they know nothing of the outside world and their only contact, besides the captured Marleyenses, is that of Hizuru, whose tradition they know neither culture nor intentions. Hizuru is better off, he has benefits that they can and do have. They know that Paradis has nothing to trade with other countries, which is why they take monopoly on any product that can be monopolized and get more profit at a lower cost. In a way, this is not entirely reminiscent, but partially of the modernization of Japan. Trade is one of the most important economic activities because it moves countries and brings wellbeing to them. Without economic power, you almost never have political power, or do you think that Latin America is politically weak because it has no resources? Every country will look after its interests, no matter how “allies” they may be.

Unwanted pregnancy

Historia's pregnancy is not wanted by any political sector because it delays plans they wanted to carry out. More than anything else, they had plans for revenge, they consider Historia not as a queen as such, but as a puppet for their purposes. The only scene from the story of the pregnant woman shows no happiness on her face, but tiredness and boredom. If you compare this story that emerged in the scenes of the past with today's one, you can see on his face a sense of loneliness and tiredness in his duties. Did she want to get pregnant? I don't know, but if she doesn't turn into a titan to devour Zeke, it's because she thinks the being in her body is very important.

You have become a great dreamer, Armin

"If we tell the world that we want peace, they will understand," to paraphrase. I wish things were that simple. As I read there: If you don't tell a Leo that you are a vegetarian, they'll stop eating you when they're hungry. Armin demonstrates human ideality and thinks that you can be better without something bad happening, and of course it can, but rarely. Even diplomacy is not so peaceful because there is a lot of gambling on the low side. Dialogue works when both parties are willing to take on which functions and when they have no interests that limit the dialogue, or when they are definitely willing to compromise. Happens? Yes, but then the largest is used for the smallest, because the "national" interest prevails. Life in your world makes you think of such good things, but it separates you from reality.

Condemnation solutions

To inherit the titan means to judge yourself. In a way, we hear this from Reiner when he tells Falco to save Gabi from the fate of being a Titan. Jean, Connie, Sasha and Mikasa want to inherit the attacking titan, but Eren tells them he would never sacrifice them. This in the past because they think in the now about what or how to eliminate Eren when he gets out of hand. Eren is not the same, he is ready to sacrifice more things for his greater good or for what he wants that we don't know what it is. Any solution they have given will always set someone up for failure, which suggests there won't be any happy end.

A good chapter with a lot of politics and depth of character. Good content, pretty good that gives food for thought and analysis. But I do want to know what's going on in Marley and the mainland. I'll just wait for an answer in the next few chapters.


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