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Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 4: The princess without subjects

Elaina arrives in a country in ruins, with what appears to be belligerent havoc, wondering if she was involved in a war. However, the cold climate of the place and the distance to another city caused him to enter the only place that appeared to be standing, the castle. Elaina comes in with the help of magic and is greeted by a local woman. She introduces herself as Mirarose, the princess of this land who has amnesia. But thanks to a letter, he knows his name and the reason the country is being destroyed. It's all the fault of the monster Javalier, who lurks in the night looking for her, the only survivor.

In the letter they also remind him that she was a powerful witch and ask her to murder Javalier. Just a week after waking up with amnesia, Mirarose hadn't even tried to face the monster, but now that he had remembered how to use magic, it was time to do so. With Elaina's help, she creates a trap and a plan to eliminate Javalier that night.

Elaina couldn't help but approach the place where anything would happen if she needed help. However, thanks to her plan and the preparation of the trap, Mirarose was more than enough to face the monster. Fulfill his mission. Between the battles, Mirarosé regains all of her memories. She is the one guilty of turning her father into a monster because of a curse. Which also gave him amnesia. All of this to show her father the desperation she felt when the most precious thing was stolen from her eyes.

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 4
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The curtain fell on the "love story"

With the death of previous episodesI can assume that short stories within an "arc" put a lot of emphasis on the plot of the arc. Therefore, to see the beginning of Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 4 In portraying a love between a princess and a cook, I couldn't help but have a bad feeling. Especially since there was no "end" at this point.

However, I confess that the plot of the "arc" of Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 4 has been my favorite so far. From the start, a land in ruins had completely caught my attention; after all, the devastation in this place looked fairly new. At that moment I wondered what the love story from the start has to do with a country in ruins. Verily, in the beginning he could not find any answer other than that there was a revolt against the king so that the princess and the cook could be together. But no signs of life told me I was wrong. And in all honesty, part of me was glad she was because that way I could see a more interesting story.

As the episode continued to evolve and everything that was said and shown in it, I couldn't help but get even more excited. Well, although by this point he had already put aside his relationship with the love story of the beginning, the story of the "arc" was deep enough to keep me excited to see how it would go on.

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In the end, the relationship between the love story and the ruined country was far more shocking than I first imagined. Even this development would never have occurred to me as the best possible. I first saw that they both fled the kingdom and due to the loss of the princess, the country fell into disrepair, resulting in conflicts that led to war. End in this state. My thoughts turned to the happy path for the princess and the cook, even if it was a path full of suffering for the entire kingdom.

That is why I was so shocked to learn that there was no happy path for either party. The torture and execution of the cook; the "loss" of the baby as a result of love between different social classes; and finally, the "lesson" the king received from his own daughter's grudges. But the cherry on the cake was that Mirarose didn't regret what he'd done or that he decided to start over when he'd finished working on the monster he had created.

She fell on what appears to me to be dementia. I imagine that the three dishes she served for breakfast, along with the conversation she was having, consisted of "seeing" the man she loved and the child she didn't have could. As if they were a happy family. A "happy ending" for the love story.

Details of Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 4

First of all I want to mention the great work in the battle scenes showing the effects and chaos of different types of magic as well as the damage done by Javalier. Although the pursuit saw it a little dark, I could not imagine this pursuit with a better view, taking into account the climatic conditions of the place and the time. If I think twice about it after visualizing it multiple times, I admit that this scene would feel strange if it were different.

Of course, there is something about the animation that I didn't like at all, which is the fact that the images of the fire were very slow in a few moments. While this seems to have been a deliberate sign of Mirarosé's memory recovery, I didn't like it at all. As she watched it, she was concerned like it wasn't loading the episode well. The trauma of 'delay'.

Other than that, all of the other technical details were more than decent, I'd even say they were good. The scenes with the surroundings made everyone feel different, although the colors were still so pale and muted.

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 4
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As for the adaptation, I have to admit that I was not able to advance reading the light novel in terms of time. I would have loved to have done it, because from the stories of the last episode I couldn't help but get involved with what other stories might come with such interesting or shocking developments in the future Majo no tabitabi. I am almost certain, however, that the animated adaptation and the easy novel do not have the same continuity in the stories. Skip some that may appear later in the customization. Something I don't think is bad at the moment, well, not much. Well, with such an impressive start to adapting, I'm not sure they can keep the same interest in their stories.

Despite my uncertainty about the "arcs" that should come to the animated adaptation, I will not deny that the author has managed to catch me in the development of the stories as far as I have stayed in the light novel. While some are not as dark or exciting as others, I feel like there is a topic in all of them that you want to talk about. Use of fantasy as a means of doing this. Of course, I'm still not sure which one it is, I just have clues that may not be true. For example with what was seen in Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 4 I could vaguely imagine that he was trying to talk about the self-destructive grudges people can harbor. But as I have already mentioned, I did not get any further with reading the light novel, so that I may get a different impression when reading the story that this "arc" contains.

Of something that I have no doubts about is gradually Majo no tabitabi It will be one of my favorite fantasy anime. And whenever possible, I'd like to get my hands on these easy novels. The second time I have this feeling for an easy novel (the first was with Purple Evergarden). During the third time in total (with manga).

I'm a little impatient to see the next episode. However, part of me hopes the story isn't as compelling as it was in the last two chapters. Not only because I want to rest emotionally, but also because I have a short time between the denser "arcs", I think it is a good choice for adjustment.


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