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Last chapter: blessings

The High Priest has cornered the henchmen, although Sylvester suddenly appears, recognized as the feudal lord of these lands. Before that, everyone prostrate and directly condemns the patriarch despite being his uncle, mentioning that he and his allies need to be punished for trying to hurt the feudal lord's daughter. Myne can only "save" Delia by remembering certain things. Sylvester is also identified as the High Priest's brother. Now they have to do the paperwork and seal the adoption, Myne nominally dies as Rozemyne, adopted daughter of a nobleman. The farewell clouds the view of the separated family, they say goodbye according to their ranks. You will also receive messages from her, but you will no longer be able to see her. Myne will fulfill the tasks corresponding to a feudal lord's daughter, with whom new adventures will come...

chapter opinion

This season was good, maybe with some boring parts, but overall enjoyable, especially for those who have followed the mouse's adventures from the beginning. For those who started here (because it is, I started watching the third season of Oregauru and then the previous ones) and possibly it felt tired and understandable to some who have been following it from the beginning. But I feel like that final chapter was really worth it. It's possible to understand things we might not even have wondered about, such as the "power" the high priest had in the cathedral. It was really a surprising and emotional ending. Some may have seen it coming, others may not. I am the second case.

To make a general balance sheet I think I'll stick with the first season, I felt it at the time, a isekai more refreshing. The second season complemented the first very well in expanding the world and adding characters. This third one could, I think, be completed in fewer chapters. I still don't regret following the mouse (who used to cleanse me, but this season Anya fills that role), although it seems her adventure will continue.


I was really surprised to find out that Sylvester was the feudal lord, I wasn't expecting it at all. But the analysis has given certain indications. Sylvester's eccentric behavior like "blue habit", it was also mentioned among other things that the feudal lord was interested in the mouse (so it makes sense that he visited). It also explains why the patriarch did nothing when the high priest was around. Although the patriarch has more power hierarchically, the high priest had more influence and this prevented him from taking his steps. Now I want to know what her upbringing must have been like.

The feudal lord does not seem like a villain, after all he was even interested in the industry of the common part. So Myne is in good hands. Just one more thing, I'm guessing the plan that was to be taken over by the other noble was part of the plan that was later to be taken over by Sylvester. Or did the high priest not want Myne to be his brother's daughter? Knowing the dark things this anime can have, I wouldn't be surprised.


Myne knows it's the end, her family knows it too. Everyone has to sign the contract and it's over. They do it, with grief and pain, tearing their souls and their flesh. As a final farewell, Myne pours out blessings on all, healing sickness and healing the disabled. Everything is ready, now it's Rozemyne. The family formally bids them farewells, and Rozemyne ​​bows, salt spurting from her eyes. As a song from my country sings: “It's nothing more than see you later, it's nothing more than a short goodbye; Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, maybe we'll never see each other again.

That part was emotional, it didn't make me cry, but I think the scene captured the atmosphere of the place and time well. It might not be the "top 10 saddest moments in anime," but it's something I'll certainly remember with great nostalgia if the mouse comes to mind. Now she will have a new family, but she will continue to be surrounded by the people she has been able to build trust with, even if they are her servants, we can say that they have become her friends, and that is some consolation.

The season is over, at least of this anime. I will have free time to do some things. At the end it says that it will continue, in anime, OVAS or what? We have to wait at least. And there I also reviewed the anime of Mr TakagiI would also like to point out here: that the film please reach Latin America.

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