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Chapter 12: "The Night of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Towa"

Hanyo no Yashahime Premiere of his twelfth program with Konton's plan to defeat them or to find out information about their weak points. To do this, he entrusts the work to his subordinate Nikosen, who is also a half-demon. He sets the trap on a mountain and attracts the attention of destroyers and bounty hunters. However, it is the worst moment as Towa suffers from the curse of the new moon and becomes human.

After the deception of Nicosen, whose head can be separated from the body, Moroha and Towa hide in a cave while Setsuna and the annihilators surround the mountain with fire. The flames reach the barrier that Moroha built and the enemy finds it. Nicosen petrifies them by fighting with advantage. However, Setsuna finds them and saves them. The fight continues until dawn and at that moment Towa regains her demonic power. Defeat the enemy.

Analysis: memories, wink and inheritance

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Hanyo no Yashahime was profiled from the start as the heir of Inuyasha, accept his inheritance, draw parallels and wink all the time. This is not how he loses his independence, but he knows how to break new ground. This maxim seems to guide the series from the first chapter fairly consistently. With that in mind, it was inevitable to bring the memory of Inuyasha to the new moon. Towa, his niece, inherits this condition.

While the explanation of why Moroha and Setsuna are not affected is slightly convincing, it is confused. In particular, it seems that all of the script holes can literally be eaten by the butterfly of dreams, but at least they take the time to answer the viewer's logical doubts.

On the other hand, Moroha got a more decent role in this episode. We already expressed in the previous review that the secondary and comical role they have given him lately has been given to a character with enormous potential. So it's to be appreciated and I hope it's a firm fix.

Black-haired Towa

Black-haired Inuyasha on Kagome's knees created the first romantic emotion she ever had for him. The man was sincere, a boy his age, weak and attractive. in the Hanyo no Yashahime There is no such thing as romance, but there is an intense brotherly love from Setsuna, observing Towa's symptoms from the beginning and worrying.

In addition, a human and unknown facet of Towa comes to light: she recognizes herself as weak, human and, above all, openly expresses her most feminine side. We could think a lot about this point, but it was so brief that we don't know where the writers are going. Still, let's recall that Inuyasha revealed his secrets and confessed that he was attracted to Kagome. In this sense, Towa admits what she always hides, her feelings as a girl.


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Hanyo no Yashahime Reveals the demon demons' Achilles heel. Towa inherits Inuyasha's condition with the new moon, except for Setsuna and Moroha for somewhat confused reasons. In the ocean of emotional confusion caused by her sudden humanity, Towa expresses herself in ways that she normally doesn't.

In this chapter, Moroha regains her role a little. Let's remember that Moroha is interesting on its own, whether or not she's the daughter of the previous protagonists. This initial charisma they endowed her with is what makes her such an attractive character.


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