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Chapter 8: The Mole Rat Speaks

BNA Chapter 8, After the scene in front of the medical center, the establishment of the silver wolf order in the city became final. In short, an unexpected development for the situation that also manages to raise doubts from both leaders about the nature of this. For his part, after another not very productive encounter with Nazuna, Michiru goes out with Shirou in order to question one of those captured during the incident at the medical center.

Without However, the subject in question had already received a visit from Boris, one of the leaders of the cult. This encounter somehow caused the convict will "evolve" suddenly, escaping from prison and destroying everything around him in the midst of his frenzy. Being on the scene, Shirou wastes no time and faces the fiery beast. Unfortunately, this beast proves to be too much for Shirou to stop on his own. Is for this, that Michiru also joins the conflict, trying to lead away the city ​​danger.

Thanks to Their joint effort, the duo manages to bring the danger to a desolate area, more they still can't get out of it. Powerless in the face of supernatural force of the opponent, Shirou can do nothing but watch as Michiru fights for his life. With no options, Shirou reveals his ace under the handle, or rather, his identity, that of the true Ginrou-sama. In just an instant, the opponent that caused them so much trouble lay on the floor, sliced ​​into four pieces identical. Second later, the mayor arrived in the area and took the duo to a place where they can rest. Now Michiru knows the truth about Ginrou-sama, more That does not change that before his eyes, Shirou is only Shirou. Although, while the secret is safe, she still feels that she must tell one person specific.

He who creates idols

Ho, I see I see, everything starts to make more sense. That section alone is enough to start answering a host of questions regarding Nazuna and Michiru's condition. More, likewise, it ends up generating a few minor questions. Let's leave the details aside for now, and see who Boris really is.

Clearly he is not an ordinary person, he has become clear from the moment he spoke of how a minor cult expanded in what is the current order of the silver wolf. This could be due to a combination of natural charisma and great cunning, without Yet even so, raising a cult with such speed requires something more. I know you need a symbol, something to put your faith on and make sure followers always remain loyal to this symbol. Here comes into play the connection shown between Boris and Sylvasta's stakeholders in relation to the Michiru and Nazuna's condition.

The reason why they both became beastmen is easily explained thanks to this simple connection. I imagine Boris needed a symbol, one that was already known by beastmen, more go out to look for him and Convincing him was not an option. What is the best option then? Of course, create it yourself. We do not know what the order of events was, nor the process for which the transformation was carried out, but those result as details irrelevant. The important thing is to notice the connection between Boris and Sylvasta, and not I mean only the company.

After this development I wonder if Boris is the reason for Alan's mistrust regarding the order of the silver wolf, and if so, who knows so much about the experimentation carried out on Michiru and Nazuna. I love how it is centering this section of the conflict around Sylvasta and this peculiar “internal” conflict regarding this irregular practice.

We have Something quite unique here, something revolutionary, so to speak. One of the involved does not seem to have a greater need to use it, more doubtful than that who controls the company would pass up such an opportunity. The conflict now is beginning to present greater connections between the characters, leading this section of the series to become a more personal conflict than also ends up becoming more interesting to the audience.

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Only me a question remains here. Why was the process applied in both Nazuna and Michiru if Boris only needed one of them? I can try to answer that, saying which was attempted in both in order to try to ensure that one results in success. I still think it's risky just letting Michiru free, especially if she's already he got what he wanted. Maybe I'm just thinking about it too much, but I insist, one can never be too cautious.

The origin of the myth

Continuing With the revelations, here we move on to something more direct and that does not need connect point "x" to point "y". The true Ginrou-sama, for which surely no one was surprised by this revelation, it is finally shown in screen. And well, let's say that's a somewhat darker origin story of what i expected.

First of nothing, interesting to see how a civilization of beastmen who directly interacted with the humans of those time. But, even more interesting, and quite tragic, is the way this interaction came to an end. They say that history tends to repeat itself, just like human errors. We don't know if humans attacked due to fear or a matter of belief. Depends on time and place (no I imagine a culture like the Egyptian attacking beastmen, it seems to me more likely to be worshiped as deities or guardians), but the sad reality is one in which both species can seldom remain in terms friendly.

Second, to think that the birth of the guardian of the beastmen would come from the blood of the thousands of murdered innocents. Rather it sounds like the origin of an avenger rather than a guardian. That could well be the case. An avenger who disguises himself as a guardian's mask thanks to the chaos that he sowed among innocent humans. Following an endless path and without any satisfaction, Shirou's character at least showed that his conscience would not allow him to continue on this endless path.

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His hatred towards humans it is more than justified, and yet they never wish evil directly. He will never forgive inhumane actions, as shown in the very possible and disgusting case of the second world war. Another sample of how human interest leans. If it's not fear of the unknown, fine A reprehensible curiosity may arise. I said it before, but surely there would be some who would try to capitalize on the superhuman abilities of the beastmen. At least I know the idea would go through my head, plus the idea of carrying out such an act is simply inhumane.

The fact is that the small tragedy that we have been told is, in addition to being a reminder of the most "human" way to react to the unknown, it is also the small fragment necessary to better understand this lone wolf. The reason for his deep hatred and absolute determination to protect beastmen. It is hard to believe how Shirou became immortal, especially since until now these unusual phenomena were based on science. Similarly, the result does not change much, and the audience is given a further look at the nature of BNA and one of its protagonists.

Final Opinion

I like this, see how people begin to reveal their true faces as the Serie. In addition to knowing the motives of the characters, knowing their methods and the mindset behind these is just as important. I wouldn't say that these moments they come as a big reveal or something like that but the change and the reactions they are what makes it worthwhile.

With Alan in special, I don't expect your reason to be a very complicated one, although without knowing sure is what you are trying to achieve there is not much I can say. But I I am intrigued by how it has remained a passive factor, just watching Michiru, and now, she's slowly moved into a more active role. Than Sylvasta was the one who collected the corpse of the mutated beastman shows started to keep a more active role now that the pieces are starting to accommodate themselves.

There is still the situation with the cult, but I would even say that it is favorable now that we know the connection between Boris and the pharmaceutical company. He has something Sylvasta probably needs and his groups are clearly not on favorable terms. Therefore, I hope to see which of the two will make the first move against the other, and perhaps, open past wounds, I would love that there were any and thus make this situation even more personal.

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But, going from the players to the “pieces”, every time I am enjoying more of the unusual power that Michiru possesses. It is quite versatile and gives to create situations pretty creative. I wish it hadn't taken that long for it to used to his new body, but I'm enjoying the result so no I should complain.

Like ya I can start to see Michiru take a more active role with the confidence gained to control her abilities, I can wait to see that she also takes a greater initiative in relation to worship situations and their medical condition. I can also thank that little moment of reflection regarding Michiru and how their perspective has changed with respect to the two species and how relate. It is not much admitted, and it comes a little redundant to see how it has been connected to the city from previous episodes, but still, it is a pleasant moment.

In closing, I will only mention how calm “The Family” has been regarding this whole issue. Perhaps they overestimate the reaction they would have, but at least imagine that by this point they would have some connection to the conflict. I guess it's better like this. I'm enjoying the current situation, so it's probably best to leave them out for now and only take advantage of them once the shift in power over the city is visible.


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