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Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 4: The Melancholy of the Ayakashi Priestess

No experience with male or female friends, Matsuri treated cold too Lu Y jayo, especially the latter. During jayo believes that Matsuri he hates her for being so sticky suzu Try to improve the relationship between the two. By conviction Matsuri get along better jayothey look for them, meet them and Lu stroke Shiroganewho took on a complete feline appearance for the sake of survival.

When speaking alone with Shiroganereveals this Matsuri Y suzu the jayo is obsessed with a ayakashi. Not knowing if it's dangerous Matura Y suzu They rush to find her. While your own jayo talk to Lu about his relationship to Matsuri, determined to apologize to her. It's when both groups meet, but that ayakashi causes that jayo slipped again that day, but this time on the stairs. Before the complete fall Matsuri He catches her and prevents her from getting hurt. After he saved her and both apologized, Matsuri for the cold with her and jayo Due to their excessive physical contact, despite having only just met, the four decide to form a group to keep in touch.

Rope call to Matsuri onto the patio to speak to her alone, revealing to her that in the previous 'Priestess of the AyakashiI was half human, half ayakashi. So if that were the case suzu and harmed someone, there was a chance they would be the target of an exorcism. what is annoying Matsuri. That night, after I slept, I pondered the words that his senpai, Matsuri he wakes up sensing her presence suzu together with him. Before I could react to how it happened Matsuri is kissed suzu.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 4

His way of protecting

In the aired episodes of Ayakashi triangle, Matsuri has shown his way to protection suzu. One in which he prefers to keep the important points to himself, and which I personally don't like in general. Although I understand that it is a subject that will not be touched lightly Matsuri for the appreciation you have for suzu and in order not to worry her, I think this is not the best way to protect her as she ends up hurting both of them.

Of course, I don't want to deny that this "protection" fulfills its function to allow the protagonists to develop. During suzu I wasn't aware of his situation Matsuri nor does he know all the information about the 'Priestesses of the Ayakashi'. And telling him unconfirmed information that is correct would be worse than telling him nothing. So I thought it was good that he didn't tell suzu about what he said Rope. Although with the end Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 4 with a suzu he practically "teleports" himself to where he was Matsurithe issue should be discussed.


Just like I don't like the way you protect yourself from it MatsuriI admit I like the speed at which talks about the 'Priestesses of the Ayakashi'. A reasonable pace for story progression and character development. At least for now. After all, it's still very early in the story and I think a speed change is too obvious.

By the way, he showed up again To runbut another one also appeared easter egg from "to love Ru', in this case the manga I was reading Matsuri. Manga whose author is Saibai Yuukithe father of Yuuki Ritemale lead of "to love Ruβ€œ.

Sequel follows…

As was already known, when the animated adaptation of Ayakashi triangle Due to production issues, it will be paused indefinitely and I hope it will be used to improve the anime.

From the beginning of the anime and throughout the airing of the previous episodes, the quality of the animation leaves me to be desired the most. An irregular animation quality in my opinion, full of ups and downs that don't help the decline that this anime has suffered due to the large amount of censorship. With a character design style that doesn't represent the original art of to me Yabuki senseiwith occasional "deformations" of some characters, poor motion flow in scenes where there are hardly any (become robotic or very flat), and very well animated background scenes, but with carelessness in the details regarding the lighting.

For example the scene Matsuri Y suzu Speeches on the roof of the school in Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 4. Having a patio so bright it seems to emit its own light, and with a different direction of the shadow of the railing than that of the characters. Which for me made it seem like the characters were overlaying the scene and losing the perspective I felt they were trying to give.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 4

As for the censorship, I think it's been lightened up a lot Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 4. Coming moments in which the png the censoring cat Shirogane it was really small or it didn't even show up. Allow to see small fragments fan service (mainly underwear) in the episode. This is something I really appreciate and I feel is the dose of censorship it should have had from the start. After all, this is an anime. ecchi which should be characterized above all by their fan servicenot because of the complexity of its history.

I really hope that the time the anime pauses its airing isn't just downtime and that it's being taken advantage of. Since it was paused indefinitely due to production issues, the episodes may not have aired in full yet. which gives me hope At least with the piece cliffhanger that they left in Ayakashi triangle – I will definitely continue to watch Chapter 4 when I return.

I believe Ayakashi triangle It has a lot of potential for a 'gender transformation' between a development of romance. As very few "competitors" on the subject that I can only recall, "fighterβ€œ. However, what I think has room for emphasis in this area depends on the story and mainly on the development of the characters and their relationships.

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