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Chapter 11: My Heart Burns

Taisha accepts the designs of the Divine Tree, but doubts arise about one of them. The heroes are rescued from their condition by someone else, although only one, Togo, goes into the crisis that triggers everything. The two friends are reunited, but they are separated, the heavenly gods don't want them to be reunited. But Yuna testifies by accepting her humanity, sadness, pain and hope, Togo, that lying down, unable to do anything, receives the support of past heroines and countless beings who want their normality. The barrier is broken, the divine marriage is broken off, Yuna throws herself against those who look from above and wins, the world is updated into its past and everything returns to normal. The Heroes Club made it and is greeted with tears.

Chapter opinion

Now I understand very well the use of CGI in several chapters because the pictures and plans in that chapter were really beautiful. Very well on this side, as in the musical part, because it succeeds in conveying the experience of what happened, you can feel the wonderful and tragic when you close your eyes, because it works well. On the other hand, there are things that can be justified, but with excessive explanations or, as they say, laboriously. I would have liked to have done more work on this part, there are no subtleties, but what is necessary has not been developed. Speaking of which, the Guardians were a nice addition, but a single chapter couldn't give them the development they needed. In spite of everything, it seemed like a good "ending", the opposite side to that of Evangelion.

The servers of Shinju-sama

Taisha He wanted to complement the plan of union with the Divine Tree, for which they mention that they have to prevent the heroines from interrupting the ceremony. Just for that detail I thought they'd have more impact on the chapter but no, they aren't really doing anything, that was kind of disappointing because it would have been nice to see a fight between people against people because not everyone does it's the same perspective on what happened. This was shown by the comment of one of the members as to whether they will really live, which suggests whether this association is really life, whether it will really exist. She also wants to save her individuality. A very different point of view when we see it from the Japanese or Asian cultural aspect.


I'm not talking about people, I'm talking about what makes us human. And here is a panorama of Yuna and Togo that in a certain way seems to be the wish of most people: wanting to exist, wanting to feel. I can sum it up in that. Feelings allow us to develop humanity, this fear of dying allows us to have more experiences with our loved ones. The fear of loss, of ourselves as of the other, makes us struggle to achieve the impossible, to conquer death. This is what Yuna and Togo have transferred to me, the will to fight for existence and for what we feel, this common individuality.


The scene in which Togo several ghosts appear, who at first appeared like heroines, then jumped to several who I can only perceive as human beings, all this reminded me of a Peruvian poet named CΓ©sar Vallejo, who in his poem Dimensions refers to something similar: So all men on earth
I surrounded him; The corpse saw her sad, touched, / He stood up slowly, / He embraced the first man; started walking ...
Yuna was the corpse that the people of the earth claimed for, Yuna was the hope of victory in the face of nonexistence, so everyone joined Togo and broke the barrier and from there Yuna could do what he did. because he had the support of the whole world.

A very good chapter, with a few gaps in explanation, but still got to the point it wanted to convey. There is now only one chapter left, if I'm not mistaken, which will hopefully be the final conclusion.

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