Warning! This review on Tokyo Avenger Chapter eight contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ メ 「東京 リ ベ ン ン ジ ャ ー ズ」 製作 委員会

# 8 exchanges

Tokyo Avenger Chapter eight begins with Takemichi's anger at Mikey's and Draken's fight. After showing them how their fights hurt each other, the two reconcile in the middle of a prank on Takemichi. Now that the fight is over, Takemichi drops his vigilance and decides to enjoy the feast with Hina. But in the middle of his date, he receives disturbing news that the attack on Draken has not stopped. During the investigation, he discovers that Kiyomasa is planning to kill the subordinate, and although he tries to face them, it is impossible to overcome his own fear, which he still has. Feeling defeated and pathetic, he thinks about giving up, but Hina comes to lift his spirits and get him back into the fight. In search of Draken he meets Mitsuya, everything indicates that there are two people behind Draken's head that night.

Everyone is fighting

With this episode we go back to what was said before, surely the cause of the fight between Draken and Mikey was a different point of view. It was clear that Mikey disagreed with Pachin taking the blame because, although he was the one who stabbed Osanai, he did so considering the sins he had committed. Mikey would clearly find it unfair that Pachin had to pay for the crime while Moebius would just get away with it. I mean, Osanai didn't even die. What Pachin did was a crime, but can we really judge him? Justice is extremely abstract, and there are situations like the Moebius crime where it will never come unless you do justice yourself.

On the other hand, we cannot rule out Draken's stance. While it is true that Pachin did not deserve such a crime, it is also true that he did it of his own free will, and for this reason it is only fair to respect his decision to surrender. Denying Pachin's will would be like ignoring the feelings that got him there. The injustice, the pain, the anger, there was so much in my actions. But most importantly, with his election, Pachin demonstrated the difference between a simple criminal and a true criminal. By failing to shirk his responsibilities and face the consequences of his actions with his head held high, Pachin proved that Toman’s ideals are not wrong.

The fight between Mikey and Draken was obvious, they are both proud and obviously didn't want to back off their ideas. It was a complicated situation because none of them were really wrong. But it was something they would not have recognized themselves. Takemichi's intervention was the most circumspect because someone had to let them see what they had around them. They were so blinded by their own ideas that they lost sight of their surroundings. Takemichi's scolding was precise, he hit her exactly where he should hit her. And breaking the serious moment with the poop joke was all it took for a real reconciliation. The friendship between Mikey and Draken is equal, they are people who laugh together and can turn the page without worrying.

Be yourself

Although resolving the conflict between Mikey and Draken was only the first step, our dizzying Takemichi didn't understand it until very late. The worst thing to do after a conflict of this magnitude is to trust yourself. But there was nothing to do, Takemichi is stupid because he is very sincere, in his heart he really believed that things would just go just if Mikey and Draken were reunited. He forgot that the whole gang was involved in the fight and that this argument is not that easy to end. In opinion battles there will always be those who cannot let go of theirs. Besides, the only resentment against Draken could be if Mikey stood on his side from moment to moment after being so against it.

Reality is a terrible thing, when we least expect it, it falls on us like a bucket of cold water. That was Takemichi's situation when he faced Kiyomasa. After spending time with Mikey and Draken, I eventually forget that he is not strong on his own but has relied on the physical strength of others. Without the support of others, he is just a weak boy who has not been able to heal his own trauma. It is not a lie that Takemichi has gained strength and will over time, but that does not mean that he has automatically overcome his past. The confrontation with Kiyomasa is a reminder of the weakness that Takemichi still carries in his heart, a weakness that he will have to face sooner or later.

But you need to know that weakness is not something we have to face alone. It is fair to receive support and comfort from others during these moments. This is the role that Hina played for a defeated Takemichi. When he lamented his own weakness and felt pathetic that he was like that, Hina brought him into the present and showed him the simplest, if most real, answer. It's okay not to be an omnipotent hero, it's okay not to be invincible because those qualities wouldn't be his.

Takemichi's achievements are due to the fact that he is who he is, because he knows how weak he can empathize with others. Being able to cry for himself and others, he shows us the value of his heart. He may not be able to save others with his fists, but his sincerity and warmth are important keys to saving others. That Takemichi is a crying hero makes him incredible, his strength lies in getting up even in adversity.

Final comment

Tokyo Avenger Chapter eight was an episode full of laughter, surface emotion, and epic moments. The solution to the battle between Draken and Mikey was handled very well, the transition between seriousness and comedy felt most natural. Such is friendship, fighting and reconciling in a minute are simple things that add value to these bonds. In general, the episode had an excellent script, Takemichi's psychological fall was perfect, and it came out at the right time. Obviously, Hina's support was key to restoring Takemichi's determination. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode was so unfair they really knew how to leave us on the edge of the seat.

Before I close on this review, I just want to express my greatest admiration for the main couple. The relationship between Takemichi and Hina feels so organic, so precious, it's hard to understand why it all started with it. The interaction between the two isn't overdone, and that's why the moments they share are so meaningful. His first kiss was special enough to bring Takemichi back after throwing himself in the well. They are certainly a couple that deserve a lot more credit.

Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ メ 「東京 リ ベ ン ン ジ ャ ー ズ」 製作 委員会

Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter, tell me: what do you think of this episode? If they were on Toman, which side would they have supported, Draken or Mikey? How do you think this confrontation, which is so loaded with different emotions, will end?


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