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Ⓒ 森田 季節 ・ SB ク リ エ イ テ ィ ブ ブ / 高原 の 魔女 の 家

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max, and Nattemashita - Chapter 8: A False Highland Witch Appeared

Because of the differences between the two, Flatorte and Laika fight a duel. However, since the ban on violence has been agreed between the blue and red dragons, their duel will be peaceful. In which both prepare biscuits and wait for Azusa's judgment to meet the winner. However, the increase in their rivalry may be due in part to the lack of meat they have been eating lately, after all, they are carnivores. At that moment, Natalie knocks on the door and asks the highland witch to look after a herd of hammerhead boars. Beasts that normal adventurers cannot handle.

Laika and Flotarte take advantage of the situation and are happy about the request because they can eat meat. So Azusa agrees. So the two dragons go together with Azusa and Rosalie into the forest of Nirca, where the herd of wild boars is located. As soon as Rosalie finds her, Flotarte goes ahead to confront her, but when she sees herself surrounded, the others come in to help her. When they are done with the pack, they meet Beelzebub and Vania, who are investigating the same mission as they are nearby.

While Azusa helped Halkara in the factory, she heard about the "highland witch" who travels the world and helps people. When Azusa learns of a swindler who is using her identity, she and Laika start looking for more information. She manages to find her in a small town. To face her and discover the true identity of this witch. Eno, a young witch who wants to be recognized and not at the same time. Self-contradicting but understood by Azusa. So the real "highland witch" helps him sell his medicine in the market in the same town. Gaining popularity quickly.

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita - Chapter 8
Ⓒ 森田 季節 ・ SB ク リ エ イ テ ィ ブ ブ / 高原 の 魔女 の 家


As you can see, the rivalry between Laika and Flatorte persists even though both are under Azusa's direction. Perhaps this very fact increased their rivalry. However, both continue to adhere to the prohibition of violence between the two races. Something I found pretty interesting because although I feel a little void when I can't see them face off in real combat duels (even when they are being watched by Azusa), their confrontations are a lot more feminine than I would have expected. In fact, I would have imagined that they would use the fifteen hammers in the herd for a duel and see who is hunting most of them. But it wasn't like that.

Just as I have a small idea of ​​what could create and / or intensify this rivalry, I also have my doubts about Laika and Flatorte. Mainly because of the traditions they may share and where they differ. Imagine that they would try to take advantage of them to have an advantage in their duels. It was that "difference" between the two that fascinated me most.

The most obvious, for example, would be why Flatorte also has a dragon tail in its human form. Something that could be explained by the fact that Laika was always considered a "genius" among the red dragons and Flatorte itself is not used to this shape. After all, in Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max and Nattemashita - Chapter 8 showed his "freedom" (exhibitionism). Something that I appreciate for his fan service and that, in my opinion, harmonizes perfectly with his personality, a bit "wilder". Also, I was reminded of his words about the 'freedom' to be without clothes Asuha of Astarotte no omocha!.

Back to the subject of their rivalry. Although I like that they do it during their meetings in the past episodes, I feel like something is missing. Perhaps due to the fact that they didn't show any background in the characters they showed this rivalry in since they were little. Something that could be considered a cliché, but in this case it was perfect in my opinion. To be rivals from childhood, to separate a little as you grow up and to meet again in this situation. Kindling the flames that once existed in his past.

Ⓒ 森田 季節 ・ SB ク リ エ イ テ ィ ブ ブ / 高原 の 魔女 の 家

It's not that their rivalry seems bad to me, but rather incomplete. Especially since these characters have a lot of potential that they can exploit in this rivalry. For example, Laika is Azusa's apprentice, while Flatorte is more of a maid. I see this difference in status ignite the flames of rivalry. Well, even though Laika is in a technically higher position than Flatorte, the blue dragon spends more time with Azusa outside of her duty, since the highland witch is her lover. Basically jealousy. From Laika towards Flotarte for the time she spends with her teacher. While Flotarte told Laika about the relationship she has with Azusa.

The wrong

On Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max and Nattemashita - Chapter 8 Eno showed up, a witch who pretended to be a "highland witch" until she was confronted with the real one. Something that I believe had some latent and possible plot behind the character's background. But in the end it didn't meet my expectations even though they weren't high at all.

Definitely back to Eno. I liked that they displayed a human character who seems to be more important in the story than anyone else who has come up so far. Eventually, Natalie is too neglected to be considered a minor character. While Eno, as a witch, has the option of attaining the ability of immortality. What was mentioned before it was seen in witches. In contrast to the receptionist of the Adventurers' Guild, Eno was able to adapt much better to the long life that awaits Azusa and his society.

In addition, the sight of another witch in the story also caught my attention to learn more about this "profession". Since Azusa's lifestyle was at their own pace and they never showed that there was anything necessary or required to be able to consider yourself a witch. By that I mean, for example, the brooch that witches received at graduation and was viewed as such Majo no tabitabi. Or that it took a lot of magical powers to belong to a particular race (considering that not only humans can be witches). After all, despite the fact that the protagonist is a witch, they have shown very little about magic.

The seiyuu is responsible for giving Eno a voice Hikaru Toonowho also works with characters like: Yujia Wuang (Assault lily: bouquet of flowers), Howan (Show of rock !! Stars !!), Serena (Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale), among other. While he doesn't have many such well-known jobs, I think he has a future in the industry.

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita - Chapter 8
Ⓒ 森田 季節 ・ SB ク リ エ イ テ ィ ブ ブ / 高原 の 魔女 の 家

Eno became my hope to find out more about it. Both witches and magic. But all was lost when I was a witch with a social phobia and a contradicting mindset. What, I accept that I was confused when I heard it. I could feel the gears get stuck in my brain as I tried to understand them. Thanks to that, however, I recognized something about the characters. Well, every time I think about it, I feel more and more like they are not well implemented in the story. And I don't think it's because of the story itself, but because of the adaptation.

I want to make it clear that not only do I feel a lack of background in the characters, but I also believe that there is a significant lack of information to give roots to the characters. Something that very likely happened due to the omission of scenes. For example, I don't remember Eno mentioning that he had "social phobia" until the end of the episode. A point in the character that I think is important to explain why she posed as a highland witch in order to gain recognition. His way of fighting his shyness in pursuing his goals.

The lack of information about the characters isn't the only thing that worries me about them. Well, I also have a feeling that some appearances are a bit forced. While I really like Beelzebub, I don't see any need for it to appear in Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max and Nattemashita - Chapter 8. You could have easily skipped / omitted his appearance on this episode and I don't think it would have affected the plot. At least not for this animated adaptation.

While he knew about light novels and manga, the truth was that it was very little. To be honest, everything has been new to me since Rosalie's appearance. So I can't fully guarantee that the character problems stemmed from the animated adaptation. However, I have a high suspicion that it is. If that's true I think it will be the most negative point of Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max and Nattemashita.


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