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Komi-san cannot communicate - Final chapter: The school festival / It's a night festival / It's a start

With his communicative power, Najimi manages to win more customers for the Café Maid, but every time he starts to use other methods with money, for which he receives a scolding and warning. Still, use the divinity of Komi to attract more customers. Walk next to her and Tadano to check out the other posts. Later, now without Najimi, Komi and Tadano, along with Onemine and Otori, continue to check the other classes.

At the end of the school festival, the winning class will be announced, which stands 1: 1, but according to Najimi's methods, the award will be canceled. With all the students in the gym, the music starts playing like the last event of the festival for the students. Komi is excited to see her dance, so Tadano tries and manages to invite her to dance, so Najimi and the others join in shortly afterwards.

As a private party in grade 1-1, they decide to go to karaoke. And everyone is going to have to sing a song, so Komi is nervous, and when it is her turn it becomes even more so. In his moment of being able to sing, he cannot do it, but everyone hears a perfect melody. After Komi, it was Tadano's turn, who was ignored by almost everyone in the room, except for Komi, who supported him. Finally two more sung with Najimi.

Komi-san cannot communicate - final chapter
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In honor, until the end

With the end of such an important event in the anime genre schoolHer moments of friendship between characters also came to her. Not necessarily between the protagonists, and not necessarily those who showed nothing more than a simple friendship. For example in Komi-san cannot communicate - Last chapter the friendship between Onemine and Otori emerged again, not only spending time together during the school festival, but also dancing together, with a scene that although part of me wanted to see it that way, wanted to see it that way yuri, I felt that friendship was the predominant feeling before my eyes.

On the other hand, of course, there is the friendship between Tadano and Komi. With moments that left signs that more than friendship was germinating in their hearts. First with the invitation to dance. Something that I personally don't think I could have made the invitation, at least not with as pure a feeling as the two of them.

And the second chance and the one that had the greatest weight for me was when Komi is the only one helping Tadano sing. What to note, he only did (komi) with him (Tadano) because he had the nerve before it was his turn (komi), but that when he was in Tadano's position he couldn't help but move to become and be grateful to tears of happiness. Simply put, that moment between the two of them showed, in my opinion, the great friendship they have generated, and again, because Komi values ​​Tadano as friends more than the others.

As a Special Mention to Tadano, I must also confess that I was very amused to see the look on his face right after Nakanaka's singing. I think a phrase from "Vietnam Memories" was correctly shown in perfect balance with comedy so that neither phrase was enforced. Although I would not have denied that I would have wished for a lot more support from Tadano precisely because of his "dark past", because he knew how Nakanaka would feel.

Komi-san cannot communicate - final chapter
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Plot progress

As it turned out, the plot was in Komi-san cannot communicate it had some cuts and omissions compared to the original source, the manga. For me, however, the majority of this not shown material was not essential for me, but I also believe that some could have given more comedy (mainly) about the anime. For example, I remember they have a "contingency problem" in the karaoke room because everyone wants to be with Komi, so they end up forming "mini-groups" and waiting for their turn. At that moment in itself, I just think that I would have given him just a little more comedy to the scene so I didn't mind that they didn't show it.

Now when we talk more about the main plot of the anime, I think it has remained well centralized. Despite the fact that at times it looked like they were walking around the bush. By that I mean that although there were moments, scenes, arcs when Komi didn't seem to be actively trying to make friends, the theme of "friendship" always seemed to be present. Although she already has friends, she is not completely open to them and interacts with words rather than letters.

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So I think the plot always stayed on the path of "What is friendship?" And how Komi dealt with her communication problems. So I didn't feel like I had a slow story or a story that was too fast. Even if I still feel it Komi-san cannot communicate it could have lasted more than one season in a row, totaling 24 episodes.

Character development

This is an important point in my opinion that has its ups and downs. While the main characters, Komi in particular, had excellent character development in my opinion, the supporting characters didn't show much development. Of course, this can essentially be due to the personality of each individual and how they relate to the Komi-san cannot communicate. That what I think is evident is that their personalities are linked to their name or some other small repetitive detail. In a way, I already felt like I knew what was necessary about each character. What it takes to see this personality mix with Komi's, to build friendship and develop even further. The protagonist.

In addition, there were additional or tertiary characters who were only presented by name and not so much with their personality, but for which a detailed presentation did not seem necessary to me at the time. As with Yamai's friends or the three boys whose names I forgot, it is enough to remember their looks to know that it is not their time yet. If it ever comes.

So, although I liked the development of the protagonists and the almost zero development of the other characters (secondary and tertiary / extras), part of me would have been fascinated to see more development. But the other half thinks that will force the characters.

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It still has its moment of improvement as I mentioned in previous chapter. However, I am fully aware that this has a "solution" later in the story. So I didn't want to go too deep into it.

Technical details

The work of OLM I think it was wonderful. It wasn't perfect, but personally I think it was almost. The quality of the animation was always of a high standard, with some minimal depths in the occasional scene and repeated in almost all chapters, but nothing to worry about. The characters' style was perfectly matched to how I remembered them in the manga. Of course, since this is a manga with an airtime, the same art style changed so I think they are much more similar to the current style of manga than the one in the adapted episodes. Something i cherish

Everyone has their own tastes, of course, and one of the things I personally didn't like about animation were the moments when Komi showed her amazing side. One that showed her an aesthetic style that was much on par with the other characters. Simply because I always had the feeling that it didn't seem to have a nose. As I said, this is a personal detail and is not linked to the effort required to adapt the study.

The sets and lights had their appeal too, but to me the look of the characters in this anime was far more important.

Komi-san cannot communicate
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Now to the sound area. Plain and simple, I loved it. In particular, the synchronization of the soundtrack with each of the scenes and moments seemed perfect. Apart from that, although it was the same music, with the change of pitch and speed it could be used for any moment. From a calm, to a more emotional, or even more active one. The sound effects also left their mark on me, especially since they were Komi's main source of sound. His reactions, his actions, his jumps, etc., the fact that all of this worked out well, has in my opinion contributed to the fact that the character does not feel "empty".

Last but not least, the work of seiyuu, It was spectacular. Though it had extremely little dialogue, Aoi Koga I think he did a great job maintaining Komi's personality. But to be honest, the job I liked the most was Rie Murokawa To give Najimi a voice, with a tone that could sound like a man, but at the same time could be that of a woman. Respecting and achieving the simultaneous character changes in order to keep the "secret of his gender" in the story. But the best thing about Najimi was her excruciating screams, perfect as an alarm.

As for the opening and ending, my mind didn't change when I first saw them. The opening became my favorite of the season. In the end, I loved that the animation changed in as much detail as Komi's friends grew.

Final opinion from Komi-san Cannot communicate

With all of the above, my personal rating for Komi-san cannot communicate it is 8.5 / 10. What would go to 9 needs to be rounded. I really think it's a wonderful adaptation by the studio OLM and everyone involved in the project. I would definitely recommend it, especially to lovers of genres Piece of life Yes school. Make it clear that the comedy and the hypothetical romance aren't a focal point of this first season of Komi-san cannot communicate. Of course it has its moments in these genres and relates to those of comedy as someone who is extremely focused on themselves rather than the subtlety and simplicity shown in the anime.

While it was one of my favorites on my personal list for the fall 2021 season, I don't think it was the best of them all. Plus, he doesn't have the best adaptation of any anime of the season. I think, for example, that he competes against other greats in "Best fit" What "Mieruko-chan"Y"Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku niTensei suru". About "Best Anime of the Fall 2021 Season“I already think that's a personal choice as there are other great animes out there that, for whatever reason, everyone thinks are the best.

It was my honor to share these 12 episodes with all of you to watch the adventures of the Goddess Komi-san. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of the second season. Which I am already looking forward to without a doubt.

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