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Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 8: Obon Festival / Summer Festival / Summer Vacation is over

On a trip with her family, Komi visits her grandmother and pays tribute to her ancestors. With her grandmother and after greeting her family, Komi stays with her cousin Akira and spends the day together. As part of the family tradition, everyone talks to their grandmother alone, and she now claims to have friends during Komi's shift.

Komi and Tadano were invited to the Summer Festival by Najimi, but Najimi also had many other invitations that they follow as a group. With the only drawback that Komi forgot her notebook in order to be able to write. But he stays with Tadano the whole time and enjoys the whole festival. Together with him and his other friends.

Komi visits Tadano's house with Najimi and Yamai, who have come to do the laundry. The meeting was for someone to let Najimi copy off the summer homework that hadn't started with it. While Najimi and Tadano did their homework, the memories of the summer vacation made everyone nostalgic, especially Komi, who for the first time wished the vacation didn't end.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 8
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Critical hit

on Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 8 There was more than one moment in which a phrase or action did "harm" to me. While most were a sentimental cuteness style, there was one that definitely hit a nerve. In particular, this is the sentence written by Komi: «It's the first time I want the summer vacation not to end». I won't deny it, I felt identified reading this sentence, it even brought back memories of my childhood. I understand this feeling. Although personally I would call it someone who stands between loneliness and fear.

I think this is also related to the age of the person concerned. For example, the feeling would be different between a child, a teenager and an adult. Even if you keep the same feeling, the proportions won't be the same. Perhaps that's why I felt a much greater effect reading the sentence than the first time. Because from one moment to the next I became aware of the feelings I had had over the past few summers. As if I had Flashback from each of them. Something that made me skip the episode while recovering from a "blow" I wasn't expecting.

But there were also pleasant moments when they suffered a "critical blow", such as when Komi was able to tell her grandmother that she has friends at school (scene where, although it seemed a serious expression, she gave a warm Smile on the Komi's face). And also the walk through the summer festival, this from, as in previous episodesIt seemed to me that it showed Komi's constant adaptation to crowds and people. Apart from that in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 8 I felt the trust between Komi and Tadano again.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 8
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To be honest, the feelings I had throughout the episode aren't something I usually have in very similar situations in other animes. What I think is all down to the characters, both their backgrounds and their development. With occasional "romantic" moments, but without forcing the feelings of one of the protagonists. By that I mean that although Komi and Tadano had their time with these “thoughts”, they didn't stay in his head for the rest of the arc. They quickly turned the page to continue their proper development.

Tadano was aware that he was with Komi, and then it was she who realized he was enjoying being the two of them. However, neither of them had a strong heartbeat, the typical "doki, doki". Something I appreciate they showed in this way.

Komi-san's breakthrough

This is certainly related to the above, but I think it's such an important aspect that it should be given more emphasis in general. The evolution of Komi (Shouko). So far in Komi-san cannot communicate.

He went from not even being able to see a person without being nervous / anxious about how to communicate with them, to being able to talk face to face with someone else. Even if it's not a very active and / or fluent conversation like her mother Shuuko would have. Although, yes, it was nice to see the family "talk" during the drive.

Now Shouko's development is not only reflected in her friendships. Something I think is obvious in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 8, with the integration of other family members. From his conversation with his grandmother to his day out with his cousin Akira, something that didn't happen last year for the same reason they mentioned in the chapter. Her communication problems reached the point where she was unable to communicate properly even in close family circles. And while technically he still doesn't do it in words, I mean his actions show more confidence, enough to try to take the first step, but mostly so as not to "run away" from a complicated situation.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 8
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In addition, in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 8 also appeared the younger sister of Tadano (Hitohito), Hitomi. For those, even though they were their first meeting and were nervous, that nervousness was just gone, technically thanks to Najimi, but I think that was just one of the factors. Not just a distraction. However, I'm not sure what exactly helped when they first met. Since I don't have the feeling that the other party is because she is Tadano's younger sister and therefore it was easier for her to calm down. Although this can of course also be an unnecessary thought and originally officially) I have no deeper reason for it.

By the way, if I had to choose the scene I liked the most Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 8 I would go through the whole "Summer Festival" arc, especially about Najimi's screams of desperation. I think they are made very well by that seiyuuThey were just as I had imagined, a scream that can be heard from the outside but is a thousand times louder from the inside.

Although I also found two other moments funny: when Komi ended the "conversation" with her ancestors because they put their own "expression" on the grave; and the Jojo references / poses the old woman at the summer party. But I don't feel that they have reached the level of Najimi's desperation.

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