Since the Internet was born, the phenomenon of digital piracy has become widespread, which allows the exchange of content protected by copyright for free and widespread. Manga have also been affected by this phenomenon and are often the focus of various campaigns by Japanese companies to limit the spread of scans.

It has been certified several times that in Japan, piracy has done damage to manga, despite the growth in 2019 thanks to Demon Slayer. The numbers could be higher for the industry without such a strong presence of illegal copies and for this reason the Japanese government has been pressured by the tightening of laws.

Today in the Japanese country a new law has been promulgated which will start from January 1, 2021. The "law against online piracy", which of course will not only help manga but also anime, books, video games and other entertainment products, provides penalties of up to one million yen for those who illegally download and upload copyrighted content. In addition, detention in prison is also foreseen, making the battle even harder for those who use scans and those who load spoilers or content in advance of the official releases. From 2021 we will see if it will be an excellent deterrent for those who act in this illegal area.

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