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Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 10: Sports Festival / I'm Feeling a Little Sore / Printed Stickers

The sports festival has started and Class 1-1, which includes Komi and Tadano, is looking forward to bringing their "goddess" to the top. With Tadano's participation in the obstacle course, in which he took third place with the support of Komi. As the competitive situation progressed and changed, the festival ended with the relay race, in which Komi took part due to a slip and still took second place with her class.

At the end of a normal day at school, Komi goes into hiding by seeing Tadano talking to someone she doesn't know. With all of the work that Tadano has to deal with as a class representative, Onemine Nene helps Tadano finish faster. But as time goes on, Tadano Komi tells her to move forward on the way home. After a few days with the same routine, Onemine greets Komi upon arrival at school after realizing her relationship / friendship with Tadano. Promised to support her.

Komi wants to take snapshots in a photo box, everyone is talking about them. Together with the laundry of Tada, Najimi and Yamai they keep an account. During her stay at the recreation center, Tadano realizes that Komi was interested in a prize from the crane game, so he gets it for her. However, she got one too, so they decide to swap it among themselves.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 10
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Warm support

As expected, the Sportfest event had to make an appearance in Komi-san cannot communicate. Since it is an event of great importance in the school anime, it contains a perfect supportive feel to the plot of this anime. After all, Komi could show her support, even if it doesn't look like it because of her "cool calm". However, the importance of the character to all of his fellow classmates is enough that they don't need any support to push themselves. Something I believe was demonstrated with Nakanaka. And maybe a bit with Agari, but given her personality, her determination could have been as a "pet" rather than a friend ... I only believe it partially.

But in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 10 showed what I think is a key point in the development of the two protagonists Tadano and Komi. Because only Komi supported him 'more directly'. Mark a moment that was captured perfectly. Something that, in my opinion, was mandatory no matter what character it was given. A few words would cheer anyone, regardless of volume. Can awaken the “sleeping beast” in everyone. Like Tadano showed his ownultra instinct'.

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This is related not only to the importance of komi in the plot, but also to the unexpected way of expressing support. I think this doesn't just refer to the "support" in this way, which I think is a better example when a more romantic development emerges between the characters. However, in the specific case of Tadano, I didn't feel that way at all and Komi in Komi-san Can't communicate - Chapter 10.

I think this episode managed to show how a few little words can help others "unleash their hidden potential."

Komi-san's jealousy

While the previous point, which I think is very important, is very important, I think this one about "jealousy" has even more to it. Not only evolve the character in his own way, but also give a twist to the equipment that was created in previous episodesbut that wasn't so obvious or essential in history, love.

First and foremost, the beginning of this mini-arc of Komi's jealousy, I think they were kind, and it stayed that way most of the time. After all, I was jealous of seeing a friend talk to someone else too. Which for me is completely related to the feeling of loneliness. If I remember moments like these and analyze them again, I can only conclude that the most appropriate sentence at this point would be: «Do you have more friends». Something selfish and sad, but which can still be there today due to the loneliness. While everyone will have their own way of assessing the meaning of "loneliness" in this anime, in my opinion it was already clear that Komi always had one because of her communication disorder. Until she was "saved" by Tadano.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 10
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Which without a doubt already left the first piece of the complex gear (metaphorically speaking) that had started to come together and what could happen. While it seems to me that most of the time Komi's jealousy was due to her spending time with her closest friend, I also think some of it wasn't exactly friendship-driven.

The heat of the characters ... some at "200ºF"

In Komi-san cannot communicate - In Chapter 10, two rather passionate characters appeared. Albeit in a different way. the senpai second year, Netsuno Chika; and Komi's ever-happy mother Shuuko. In short, Shuuko's contribution to the episode was warm, surrounded by some concern and maternal relief. For getting to know his daughter Shouko's companions and friends.

For his part, Netsuno is a hot-blooded character who always seems to want to compete. Always be optimistic. What reminded me of the character Kineshi hair ("Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan"). With a very similar personality. Which again bothers me most about the character. Since he follows his own pace, which doesn't show much patience, if not in a rough way. He didn't give Komi time to adapt and try to interact with her.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 10
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Finally, I have to admit that the Onemine Nene character was my favorite from the anime. In general, the female characters of Komi-san cannot communicate They have their own charm, but I don't have a favorite yet. Of course, Komi has great potential for personality, actions, and reactions, just like Nakanaka. In a single episode, however, Onemine managed to catch up with them. Maybe I know why I am weak against such personalities of 'onee-san'. But I would also like to believe that it is because her character did a very good job of expressing that very point, as she is the "older sister" of them all. In short, I think Onemine's character is very well off. Unlike Yamai who, although I understand what they are trying to demonstrate with their character, I find that the way they are demonstrating is a bit over the top. At least for now.

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