Critics claim that the story of Kimetsu no Yaiba is progressing too slowly in its third season. According to Japanese news portal Myjitsu, viewers have been expressing their concerns over the recent episodes of the popular anime series. Despite the high quality of animation, some fans feel that the story has been stagnant lately.

In episode 4 of the third season, Muichiro Tokito rescues Kotetsu from demons in the Village of the Blacksmiths. Meanwhile, Tanjiro Kamado fights a division of one of the Upper Moons and discovers their weakness. Nezuko Kamado and Genya Shinazugawa also have their own battles against other divisions. Although the animation quality remains top-notch, some fans feel that the constant transitions between each of the battles make the overall story seem like it's not progressing much.

One critic commented, "The fourth episode features battles happening in different places, and the battle scenes serve as story development. Of course, the animation quality remains at a 'movie level,' and the episode is not boring to watch. However, due to the constant transitions between each battle, the general impression is that the story isn't progressing much. In fact, this episode covered chapters 108 to half of 110 of the original manga. On the other hand, the story in the previous episode progressed from episode 105 to the middle of episode 108, which means that the story has been stagnant for about one whole episode"

Viewers have been expressing their disappointment with the slow pace of the story. Some comments include:

  • "Kimetsu no Yaiba is dragging on too much. Every dialogue, every movement of the characters, everything is interspersed with strangely long pauses, and the battle scenes are all very slow."
  • "The animation is so good that it feels like I'm watching a movie, but the story's pace is terrible."
  • "The pacing of Kimetsu no Yaiba is as bad as One Piece or Naruto when the author wasn't inspired."
  • "The pacing of the story isn't very good, and I think it's a pretty slow start. The second season's development was very fast, and I think that's why it's better."
  • "The pacing is really bad in this third season. The animation is divine as always, but even something beautiful can put you to sleep."

The same critic who commented earlier stated, "Many opinions criticizing the slow story pace have surfaced, but it may be because expectations are very high. Even things that wouldn't normally bother viewers call attention to themselves simply because of Kimetsu no Yaiba's popularity. In particular, the Village of the Blacksmiths Arc starts with battles from its first part, which intensify as the story progresses. Now that it's just starting, it's inevitable that the story will have a small stagnation." However, if the story's pace doesn't pick up soon, it's possible that the show's viewership might decline, especially among those who prefer that the series advance quickly.


In summary, while the animation quality of Kimetsu no Yaiba remains high, some viewers are concerned about the slow pace of the story in the current season. As the story progresses, it's important for the show's creators to keep the audience engaged and interested in the overall plot.

Source: myjitsu

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