As Shueisha's profits plummet, the company doesn't stop at any of its branches. Least of all does it stop Weekly Shonen Leapthe most famous manga magazine in the world, which goes from success to success every year and still tops the sales charts, beating its competitors by far.

Now, however, Weekly Shonen Jump has begun its final renewal in 2022, launching four new series. This also means that some manga have to give way to them. What will be the manga canceled by Weekly Shonen Jump in late 2022? First of all, it must be taken into account that in recent years the magazine has never serialized more than 20 series at the same time, while with these four the total number rises to 22. It is therefore necessary to cancel or postpone at least two of them.

That The most suitable manga is undoubtedly Hunter x Hunter, which as usual will have a ten-chapter release and will return on hiatus in early 2023. However, another slot would be missing, so it is necessary to understand what the other series will be. Obviously, ONE PIECE has nothing to worry about, the most popular manga of all time, and the same goes for manga like My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Jujutsu Kaisen, which will never be canceled any time soon, even considering they are close to completion stand.

A similar but not identical speech can be made Manga like Mashle and Undead Unluck. The first one is very close to the end, but it still seems to be missing a bit and therefore it's not possible to finish within 4 or 5 chapters. Instead, Undead Unluck seems to have started a new phase in its story, but its popularity in the polls is not very high, so it could be pushed to Shonen Jump +.

For Mission: Yozakura Family, at best, it can be assumed that it will be postponed and not concluded, as the leaks speak of an upcoming anime for the series. New series like Elusive Samurai, Blue Box, Akane Banashi, Sakamoto Days and Me & Roboko are doing great and will continue to grow in the magazine for some time to come. So the main suspects are: Highschool Family, which has its ups and downs but still seems more stable than the others, PPPPPP, which has shown a drop in approval in recent issues after excellent results, and the two very young series Tokyo Demon Bride and Ginka & Gluna.

One of these series will leave us within a maximum of two months. The most likely candidate at this rate is PPPPPP, but surprises cannot be ruled out. What do you think is most likely to be cancelled?

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