More than three decades after the release of the Tony Scott-directed film, Tom Cruise is back at the worldwide box office Top Gun: Maverick. The success of the fighter-centric fight film reached Japan, where Weekly Shonen Jump celebrated the release with a spectacular crossover project.

What fighter jet pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell would look like if he were the star of a... Hit manga published by Weekly Shonen Jump? To answer this absurd question, the same magazine is published by Shueisha.

With Top Gun: Maverick breaking the billion dollar box office barrier, Shonen Jump has launched a spectacular marketing operation. An artwork introducing Maverick, the pilot played by Tom Cruise, as the protagonist of a manga series was published in the pages of the magazine. In the graphic that you will find at the end of the article we see the Manga drawing of "Mav" and his legendary helmet.

The current Weekly Shonen Jump line-up enjoys a lot of variety, but to be honest there would be a work dedicated to the dogfight between jets. What do you mean, would you like to see a Manga adaptation of Top Gun: Maverick? Which author do you think could carry this great burden? We leave you to our review of Top Gun: Maverick.

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