As a previous leak had revealed, the manga was written and illustrated by, along with the publication of the twelfth chapter Reiji miyajima, Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Hire a girlfriend) also started the franchise character popularity poll. The character who comes first will inspire a scale figure in the near future.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

The survey is open to everyone and just requires an email address and the selection of the character of your choice in this link. The entire menu is only available in Japanese, so the email address is placed in the first field and the option is selected from the drop-down menu. There is no need to translate things, just memorize the number of the option of your choice from the list below and repeat it in the survey options.

  • 01. Kazuya Kinoshita (01: 木 ノ 下 和 也).
  • 02. Chizuru Mizuhara (02: 水 原 千 鶴).
  • 03. Ruka Sarashina (03: 更 科 瑠 夏).
  • 04. Mama Nanami (04: 七 海 麻美).
  • 05. Sumi Sakurazawa (05: 桜 沢 墨).
  • 06. Yoshiaki Kibe (06: 木 部 秋芳).
  • 07. Shun Kuribayashi (07: 駿).
  • 08. Nagomi Kinoshita (08: 木 ノ 下 和).
  • 09. Kazuo Kinoshita (09: 木 ノ 下 和 男).
  • 10. Harumi Kinoshita (10: 木 ノ 下 晴美).
  • 11. Sayuri Ichinose (11: 一 ノ 瀬 小百合).
  • 12. Takeshi Sasano (12: 笹 野 た け し).
  • 13. Brother of Mami Nanami (13: 弟).
  • 14. Imai Miharu (14:).
  • 15. Youko Shinpo (15: 保).
  • 16. Yuuki Kawanaka (16: 中 祐希).
  • 17. Sonoko Shimae (17: 江園子).
  • 18. Rainbow snake head (18: レ イ ン ボ ー ス ネ ー ク ヘ ッ ド).
  • 19. Umi Nakano (19: 野 海).
  • 20. Iwafune (20: 船).
  • 21. Hiroshi Ushiide (21: 牛 出 博).
  • 22. Shiori (22: 織).
  • 23. Togakushi-sensei (23: 戸 隠 先生).
  • 24. Kokyo (?) (24: 郷).
  • 25. Wakahara (25: 原).
  • 26. Suzuri (26: す ず り).
  • 27. Haigyo (27: 魚).
  • 28. Katsuhito Ichinose (28: 一 ノ 瀬 勝 人).
  • 29. Teppei Shimizu (29: 清水 鉄 平).
  • 30. Mini Yemori (30: 八 重 森 み に).
  • 31. Shinpuu-Mei (?) (31: 新 風 め い).
  • 32. Taboos (32: 臥).
  • 33. Nangu (33:).
  • 34. Yuudai (34: 大).
  • 35. Miscellaneous (35: そ の 他).

The survey will be available in Japan from August 18 to September 4 (although anyone from anywhere in the world can take part). In contrast to other types of polls, which offer a certain number of votes per day, in this case you can only vote once for each email address during the entire polling period.

Reiji miyajima began publishing the manga through the magazine Weekly Shonen magazine published in July 2017 by Kodansha-Verlag. The publisher published the twenty-first anthology on June 17th and will publish the twenty-second on August 17th in Japan. The piece inspired a twelve-part anime adaptation produced by the studios. TMS entertainment, Headed by Kazuomi koga and scripts written by Mitsutaka Hirota, will be released in July 2020. Production of a second season is confirmed for 2022.

Summary of Kanojo, Okarishimasu

In Japan today, “rental” services can offer an evening with a “friend”, a “father”, even a fake friend! After a shocking betrayal by his girlfriend, the unhappy college student Kazuya is desperate enough to try. But before long he discovers how difficult it can be to “hire” an emotional connection, and his new “girlfriend,” trying to keep his business a secret, panics when she finds out that is hers real life and kazuyas are surprisingly intertwined. . Family, school and life also go wrong …

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