In this year's 10th issue of the magazine Comic Cune from the publisher Kadokawa, the final chapter of the manga, written and illustrated by Hijiki, Ayakashi Ko.

Hijiki started publishing the manga in the magazine Monthly comic alive However, the March 2015 publication by Kadokawa Publishing was moved to Comic Cune magazine in July 2017. The publisher released the seventh compiled volume on July 23 and will release the eighth on October 23.

Synopsis by Ayakashi Ko

In Tokyo’s Asakusa district is a quiet mansion called Ayakashi-sou. Despite its size, the mansion only houses a sixteen year old girl. However, the ayakashi-sou takes its name from the ayakashi (Japanese spirits and spirits) who inhabit it. Kuuko and Yukime, a prank-loving fox girl and a gentle snow woman, call this place their home, while the childish Zashikiwarashi Kii takes it upon herself to keep an eye on it. They are soon joined by a newly created youkai cat, Nene, who has nowhere to go. Will more residents arrive in the future?

Source: ANN

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