On the cover of this year’s 10th issue of the magazine Comic Ran Twins from the publisher LEED PublishingIt was announced that the manga would be written by Yoshio Nagai and illustrated by Jiro Matsumoto, IchigekiIt will end in three chapters.

Matsumoto and Nagai started publishing the manga in Comic Ran magazine in April 2016 and later switched from the same publisher, LEED Publishing, to Comic Ran Twins magazine. The publisher released the sixth compiled volume on May 15 in Japan.

The fourth compilation volume of this manga, released in Japan in December 2018, announced the production of a live-action film adaptation, but that production never saw the light. In this context, the reasons for the cancellation or indefinite postponement of this adjustment were never given.

Synopsis of Ichigeki

The story is based on the novels of Yoshio Nagai “Bakumatsu Ichigeki Hissatsutai”. The story revolves around Ushigorou, a farmer with a small body but a connected mind and intelligence who joins the special forces with other farmers.

Source: ANN

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