On the website Comic walker the publication of the manga began Granblue Fantasy Gaiden: Tsuioku no Arshivelle - End of Fate, by the authors Rando Ayamine and Taka Ichizuki. The manga is described as the second part of the manga Granblue Fantasy Gaiden: Tsuioku no Arshivelle, and continues the untold story from Pommern Boettner's past.

Granblue Fantasy Gaiden

Ayamine and Ichizuki started publishing the original manga on the website Cycomi in 2018. The series subsequently moved to the magazine Dengeki G’s Comic from the publisher Kadokawa, and after moving back to the website Comic walker. The publisher published the fourth compilation volume on March 27. Ayamine writes the story while Ichizuki illustrates it.

Source: ANN

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