Via Twitter, the author of the manga Oppai Misete ((show me your boobs) related the experience that resulted in the service de-serializing its work Shonen Jump Plus of Shueisha. The summary of this manga is exactly as the title describes, as it says: «A story about a man who doesn't want anything to do with the girl who wants to see her breasts». The manga is available (in Japanese) through the portal Rookie should jump, on this link.

«Important announcement: He had secured the right to publish the manga Oppai Misete on Shonen Jump Plus since January, but that was canceled.. Five days before March 29th, the date the piece was supposed to debut, I received a message from the publisher stating that the manga could not be published in its current state. At this point I had already prepared up to the seventh chapter. A week later I was told that if I made a series of fixes that focused on not showing that many "boobs" I could post it on duty.».

At this point it should be noted that the manga focuses on the girl who always wants to see the boy's bare chest, so the editor didn't want the author to show the boy's "breasts" so often, even though he was in this one Rather my case would be about her nipples.

«I had ten days to make the corrections, but along the way I discovered that the corrected product did not look like the original. Because of this, I felt there was no point in continuing and put the requested corrections aside. Naturally, I understand Shueisha's position as a publisher, but I am quite disappointed with the wait and the number of revisions they have asked me to do.».

«All of those who are Oppai Misete readers know this I will continue to publish the work the way I normally sold it through my official Twitter account. Thank you for the support you have offered me."Concluded the author's statement.

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