The countdown is finally on. After so many months of waiting and deep uncertainty about the fate of The attack of the giants 4The time has finally come and the last season on VVVVID begins next Tuesday. Enthusiasm is skyrocketing even for the Anime staff, despite the fears of some fans.

Although episode 1 only closed a few days ago, as reported by an insider's indiscretion, MAP study is aware of the great expectations of fans and will do everything possible to meet them, including at the cost of jumping through in production. In any case, there are only a few days left before we really know whether the study will be successful or not. Meanwhile, the director of the anime, Yuichiro Hayashi, recently commented on the final season and MAPPA intention:

"We worked with the new employees with the constant thought of staying true to and as close as possible to the original material. In the past seasons the animations have been very lively: The characters drawn with so many color contrasts and the animations seemed almost in the foreground and extreme We wanted to keep those sensations going and make sure viewers didn't miss them during our season, but at the same time we wanted to go further and give the season a touch that was as close as possible to the source material. "

Regarding the last statement, fans found the characters' character designs pleasant, now much more similar than those of Hajime Isayama in the manga. And you, what do you think of his words instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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