Written and illustrated by the manga on the official website Tsukasa Unohana, Anima Yell!It has been reported that work will end with the publication of the next chapter, which will be published in this year's tenth edition of the magazine Manga time Kirara Karat from the publisher Houbunsha, in August.

It had previously been confirmed that the work would have a total of five compilation volumes, with the fifth scheduled for September 25th. For his part, Unohana began publishing the manga in the magazine Manga time Kirara Karat from the publisher Houbunsha in February 2016. The publisher published the fourth compilation volume in July 2019.

The work inspired an anime adaptation produced by the studios with twelve episodes. Doga Kobo, Led by Masako Sato and scripts from Fumihiko Shimo, released in October 2018. So far there has been no evidence of production in season two, mainly due to the long pause between the volumes.

Synopsis by Anima Yell!

The story is about Kohane Hatoya, a young woman who loves helping others. After graduating from high school and entering high school, she is fascinated by a cheerleading routine and decides to found a cheerleading club at her school. Hizume and Kohane's childhood friend and one of the most experienced girls in routine and choreography will join this new club. Uki.

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