Demon slayer: Yusuke Murata celebrates the manga with a drawing of the protagonists

There are mangas that set fire to Japanese comic book stores Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. If there were normal sales prior to the anime with the arrival of the Ufotable product, sales increased more than tenfold, forcing managers to deal with millions of emerging tankobon buyers.

Many fans waiting for the second season of Demon Slayer have started the manga, but it has ended in the past few months. This conclusion has been recognized by many Mangaka, but also by the publisher who dedicated a series of Jump GIGA to Demon Slayer, where they are accompanied by the other successful manga that just ended on Weekly Shonen Jump.

To welcome the series, you also think about it Yusuke Murata, the famous one-punch man designer and Eyeshield 21. With Zoom, Gotouge's colleague connected with 13 other people and jointly created an illustration for Demon Slayer. In a video that has also been posted on Youtube and can be seen above, everyone has started their work, while the final result can be seen in the tweet below. On this occasion, Murata focused on Tanjiro's design what he had previously outlined in part and who instead started using the classic mangaka pen during the video.

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