In Japan, comics do not belong to any single genre and are not dedicated to any single goal. The large number of mangaka, publishers and magazines makes each product different from the others: there is the adventure manga for children, the most serious manga for adults, but of course there are also the famous ones manga saying.

Team, adrenaline, fighting spirit and much more are the masters in sports manga. A great forge of manga spokon was Weekly Shonen Jump, which boasts among its ranks the successes of Haikyu and Slam Dunk, but not only. But the other magazines also had their say and chose a few titles that have made history. but What are the 30 Best Manga Spokons? according to the Japanese audience?

Fuji TV broadcast Junk Sports TV Show, which broadcast the result of a poll titled “Ranking of the Strongest Sports Manga” in which 2100 works were selected. 1384 students from sports universities cast their votes, with the following result:

  1. Haikyu
  2. slam dunk
  3. Main
  4. Kuroko’s basket
  5. Ace of Diamonds
  6. Ao Aschi
  7. Blue Castle
  8. Inazuma Eleven
  9. Captain Tsubasa
  10. days
  11. Ahiru no Sora
  12. Yowamushi pedal
  13. Be blues!
  14. Hajime no Ippo
  15. kill giants
  16. combat studies
  17. area no kishi
  18. tennis prince
  19. Small steps
  20. dokaben
  21. eye protection 21
  22. Harigane service
  23. Touch
  24. angel voice
  25. Bungo
  26. Shoot!
  27. table tennis
  28. Okiku Furika Butte
  29. an out
  30. All Out / Burning Kabaddi draw

Thirty titles, some of which will be unfamiliar to most, but the top of the chart is everything famous titles like Haikyu and Slam Dunk, already mentioned above, and Touch by Mitsuru Adachi, a perennial favorite in sports. There are also some successful ones like Giant Killing. What’s your favorite among them?

And Slam Dunk returns to cinemas with a new film.

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