The editor Shihei lin Through his official Twitter account, it was announced that on May 14th there will be "good news" for the manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. SPY x FAMILY. The editor noted that the news will be published at noon, that is, within about twelve hours of the publication date of this article.

It should be mentioned that Shihei lin is a publisher with a notorious reputation that tends to promote merchandise as "big news" for a franchise, and fans often have high expectations for these types of ads. However, it should also be noted that SPY x FAMILY has had a confirmed anime adaptation for this site since 2020, according to a reliable source, and is slated for 2022. In addition, the registration of the domain ""And the Twitter account"@spyfamily_animeSo the fans are already waiting for the announcement to be official.

Tatsuya, for his part, began publishing the manga through the website Shonen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha in March 2019. The publisher released the sixth compilation volume on December 28th and will release the seventh volume on June 4th in Japan. The work already has more than eight million copies in total.

SPY x FAMILY synopsis

For the agent known as "Twilight", no order is too high when it comes to peace. As Westalis' master spy, Twilight works tirelessly to prevent extremists from starting a war with neighboring Ostania. For his final mission, he must investigate Ostania politician Donovan Desmond, who is infiltrating his son's school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Thus the agent faces the most difficult task of his career: getting married, having a child and playing family.

Twilight, or "Loid Forger," quickly adopts the humble orphan Anya to play the role of a six-year-old daughter and a potential student at Eden Academy. As a woman, she meets Yor Briar, a distracted office worker who needs the wrong partner to impress her friends. Loid isn't the only one with a hidden nature, however. Yor is actually the deadly assassin "Thorn Princess" and for her marriage with Loid creates the perfect cover. Now, Anya is not the ordinary girl she appears to be; She is an esper, the product of secret experiments that enable her to read minds. Despite discovering her true identity, Anya is happy that her new parents are cool secret agents! Of course she would never tell them. That would ruin the fun.

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