Yesterday, March 20, 2021, Planet Manga awaited the arrival of four very important announcementsInitially, it is proposed that Blue Lock be released in Italy. We should have expected just as many surprises over the next three days, and it seems the publisher has kept its word since then City Hunter's return has been confirmed.

Below you can take a look at the notice posted on the publisher's social pages. For Blue Lock it was a blue color lock For City Hunter it is a hammer with a weight of 100 tons, this is the one with whom Kaori hit Ryo, the protagonist of the work in mind. Two more announcements are expected to be made in the next few days.

As for City Hunter, Planet Manga owns the rights to the main series, which has been published in Italy under the name City Hunter Complete Edition since 2010, as well as the two spin-offs Angel Heart and City Hunter Rebirth. The announcement suggests a new edition of the Complete Edition, but the possibility of a new edition cannot be ruled out.

We are waiting to find out what to expect and remind you that Planet Manga has already announced many releases for 2021, including the highly anticipated 20th Century Boys re-release. Before we say goodbye, we'd like to remind you that the new Berserker and Attack of the Giants boxes will be available for a few days. So if you're a collector, hurry up before another sale is registered!

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