2022 from One punch man It ended in a psychic battle, with Fubuki and Tatsumaki unleashing their powers. The two sisters were forced to stage a mock scene to fool the agent of Tsukuyomi, a secret agency now revealed in the manga that once kidnapped Tatsumaki and experimented on him.

The new One-Punch Man saga didn't start out promising for the heroes back then, as this enemy infiltrated the main base that was just being built for the heroes. And it is precisely on this huge basis that the year 2023 of the manga begins One Punch Man 177 which first gives an insight into the external situation. On the top floors of the skyscraper, a group of rich people who have found refuge there thanks to their connections and economic capacities, enjoy the moment when a powerful shock arrives, knocking over the tables and terrifying everyone.

there Shock is caused by Tatsumaki's power, trying to keep Tsukuyomi's agents in check. However, the latter has proved he has an ace up his sleeve: thanks to an intruder, he tricked Fubuki into taking a deadly pill and threatens to activate it if his older sister doesn't surrender. The two give in and the mysterious character blocks them with a psychic cage. As he attempts to leave, leaving the men there at the mercy of the monsters, Saitama arrives and eliminates the menacing creatures that emerge from the dungeons.

At the same time, Tatsumaki gets rid of the enemy cage and contorts the fatal pod to pull it out of Sister Fubuki's body. In this way, the woman manages to get rid of all threats and keep the enemy in check. In the final phase of the One-Punch Man chapter, the man is trapped while Tatsumaki threatens all of Fubuki's men for their incompetence. But Saitama stops her by blocking her hand: will there be a feud between the bald protagonist and the green-haired girl?

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