Return to Onigashima, which is now almost completely destroyed, in chapter 1031 of ONE PIECE, available on Manga Plus, Eiichiro Oda resumes several confrontations that were pending at the final appointment, temporarily putting aside the decisive battle between Monkey D. Luffy and the Emperor Kaido.

The chapter in question called Science warrior, begins with a brief conversation between Kidd and Law about what just happened thanks to the awakening of the powers of their respective Devil Fruit. The pirates present are amazed at the enormous disaster that their combo has caused, and they are convinced that it is Great mom couldn't have survived.

Unfortunately, it is the Empress who emerges from the rubble who, without receiving Oshiruko for recovery, is consuming the lives of those present. become gigantic. Back in strength and with plenty of weapons, animated by the Soul Pocus, he compliments Law and Kidd and challenges them to prove that they are worthy of becoming emperors of the seas.

Meanwhile, Yamato breaks the consolation between Drake and Apoo in the cave chamber, and Nico Robin and Brook jump to the first floor to turn over sow two agents of the CP0. The scene then switches to Sanji, shocked by what just happened. A brief flashback reveals to readers that the Mugiwara unconsciously injured a geisha, as if her hidden personality had taken over. It all happened while he was on the run from Queen who easily caught up with him.

Think about which of the two personalities would be more useful to Luffy, Sanji assures Queen that he does not want to become a soldier of Germa, and then calls Zoro via a snail. The swordsman facing the king listens to his partner's words and is surprised when Black Leg begs him to kill him when he doesn't have a normal attitude after they knock out Kaido's best men. Sanji ended the conversation with Zoro and went wild with a Hell Memories that was only addressed to Queen. To conclude, we leave you the splendid color page of Chapter 1031, with Zoro and all the seconds of the most important crews.

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