The Fire Festival which is being held in Onigashima will upset the whole world of ONE PIECE. We still don’t know how and in which direction, but Luffy and his companions will certainly cause an important cataclysm. Obviously the participation of old and new characters including Yamato will be required to make this happen.

After chapters, and then months, to talk about possible announcement of Kaido, fans are seeing that moment approaching. As we all know, Kaido plans to reveal several things to his crew and then to the whole world: the alliance with Big Mom, a joint speech between Kaido and Orochi and finally a news related to Yamato.

On the first two, ONE PIECE fans have little doubt and they will certainly be speeches of circumstance, the first to be shown. And soon they will become reality given that Kaido took the central stage together with King, Queen and Jack in ONE PIECE 984. However, the emperor could make all three announcements together, therefore already from the next chapter of the manga, out between two weeks, we could read what Kaido has in store for Yamato.

Yamato who seems to have no intention of following his father since he recently met Luffy and chose to team up with him. How will the situation evolve in Onigashima?

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