For several years, since shortly before the end of Naruto, Weekly Shonen Jump can count on the most important heroic manga of all time. Written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academy It quickly became one of the pillars of manga magazine as well as a cornerstone of contemporary Battle Shonen.

There Izuku Midoriya challenge with the world of villains has been around for many years, but My Hero Academia is about to end. There are only a few months left until graduation, although it is not yet known exactly how many. And that's why the public is increasingly willing to know how the fight that currently faces Deku and Shigaraki will end. And to confirm the popularity of the manga, a few days ago it was revealed that My Hero Academia has sold 85 million copies worldwide. Really dizzying numbers that make it one of the most successful manga in the magazine.

Indeed, with these numbers My Hero Academia enters Shueisha's top 10 best-selling manga. The publisher can also rely on Kohei Horikoshi's manga, which has published really fat stories that have stood the test of time unscathed. By reaching that number My Hero Academia outbid Hunter x Hunterby Kinnikuman and by Captain Tsubasa, three names that every fan knows.

Of course, since the series is still ongoing, the numbers can only go up. Whatever it seems difficult to reach the top 5 numberswith ONE PIECE, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Kochikame and Dragon Ball still very far away.

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