Miyamoto Sakura ga Kawaii dakeno Shousetsu no Manga ends

In this year's 11th issue of the magazine Shonen Magazine Edge from the publisher Kodansha The final chapter of the manga adaptation of the easy novels has been published Miyamoto Sakura ga Kawaii dakeno Shousetsu no Manga, responsible for Nagian.

The manga adapts light novels from Daisuke suzuki and illustrated by Not politeand has been published in the magazine since January 17th. The publisher published the first compilation volume on July 17th and the second on November 17th in Japan.

On the other hand, Suzuki and Rurudo started publishing the light novels through the publishing label in February 2019 MF Bunko J. from Kadokawa. The publisher published the fourth volume on July 20th.

Synopsis of Miyamoto Sakura ga Kawaii dakeno Shousetsu no Manga

Sakura Miyamoto is cute. Why? Well, because she's cute, her expression changes are cute, the way she gets emotional easily, is cute, the fact that she still remembers our childhood promises, is cute, and her breasts are incredibly big. Do you see her? All in all, then how could she not be cute?

That is why this manga exists to worship her, the purest work in the world. By the way, my name is Ogami Hikaru. I am Sakura's childhood friend and apparently also the reincarnation of the Norse deity Odin.

Source: ANN

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