On the official page for the sixty-sixth edition of the Shogakukan Manga Awards ((Shogakukan Manga Awards) has been announced to the final selection (ie the winners) of the above edition. Each winning title was awarded a bronze statuette and a prize of one million yen (approximately $ 9,000). It should be noted that some categories have two winners, and in networks the victory of the sleeves was noticed Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and Chainsaw man in the "Best Shonen Manga" category.

Best manga for boys

  • Duel Master, written and illustrated by Shigenobu Matsumoto and serialized in the magazine Coro Coro Comics (Shogakukan).
  • Chocolat no Mahou ((The magic of chocolate), written and illustrated by Rino Mizuho and serialized in the magazine Ciao (Shogakukan).

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