In the last chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji and his companions have witnessed a completely unexpected development. All attempts to save Fushiguro's sister from the Culling Game turned out to be useless and, in addition to worsening the condition of the protagonists, also led to errors in the manga, for which the author apologizes.

Every week, both on Weekly Shonen Jump and on the application and website MangaPlusthe comments of the various mangakas whose works are published in the main magazine edited by Shueisha, and in one of the most recent interventions, Gege Akutami pointed out to the readers the presence of some omissions and errors that have appeared in the Chapter 211.

In the post at the bottom of the page, user @king_jin_woo shared both Akutami's commentthat the image had several inaccuracies. In fact, Megumi Fushiguro's tournament board states that she has already changed a game rule, although she hadn't added any yet while keeping them 359 total points. Also, throughout the chapter, the names of Sukuna and Tsukimi Fushiguro were written in katakana.

Did you notice these mistakes while reading the chapter? Tell us by leaving a comment below. Finally, here are two manga recommended by Akutami and we remind you that the jujutsu kaisen manga is on hiatus and will return on February 26, 2023 with chapter 214.

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