Jojo's bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean is part of the long manga by Hirohiko Araki, which is very much appreciated by all fans. Jojo: Stone Ocean made a stunning debut on Netflix last December, with the anime receiving support from fans and critics alike.

It had been a long time since Stone Ocean and its protagonist had been mentioned, Jolyne Kujo. The manga was actually released from 1999 to 2003 and was a very innovative production at the time. The introduction of a female character by Master Araki as the protagonist of a Battle Shonen was a very unpopular choice for the time in which the male protagonists everyone was talking about them.

Thanks to media coverage of the yo-yo anime: Stone Ocean, a 'Interview by Hirohiko Araki to the Japanese magazine SPUR in 2018. How can we read from the tweet from @?DailyJJBA women, the master talked about how the manga standards have changed since the release of Jojo: Stone Ocean: "The times have changed. Now it's okay to draw a scene where a girl is beaten. So I thought it was time to draw a strong female lead and decided to render Jolyne protagonist of the part 6th".

The choice of Jolyne Kujo as the protagonist rewarded the Japanese author with the girl who became the idol of many young people. Jolyne's voice actress in Jojo: Stone Ocean Talks About TheFan love for Jotaro's daughterwhich seems to date back to the time the manga was published. Another confirmation of the revolution carried out by Araki with part 6 by Jojo.

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