Itais Kurusu Arisu wa Cool Manga ends

In the ninth edition of the magazine this year Monthly comic Dengeki Daioh from the publisher Kadokawa The last chapter of the manga was published, written and illustrated by Omegane, Kurusu Arisu wa Cool from Itai.

Omegane began publishing the manga in Kadokawa's monthly comic Dengeki Daioh in April 2019. The publisher published the first compilation volume on December 26, and the second and last volume is scheduled for publication in September.

Synopsis of Kurusu Arisa wa Cool from Itai

Kurusu Arisa wants to be a cool person, even if she shy away from people at the least specified moment. A funny comedy is about a somewhat silly girl who tries to keep cool all the time, but is actually quite shy.

Source: Mogura manga

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