The 2022 anime schedule was born under the sign of Spy x family, one of the most anticipated animated series of the year. Fan expectations have been met and even exceeded, but many continue to question whether the collaboration between WIT Studio and CloverWorks really does justice to Endo's spy comedy.

The debut of the anime whose first cour will be on the air from April 10, 2022, has propelled sales of the Spy x Family manga to far-fetched levels. In May, one million copies of the volume were distributed in less than two weeks.

Spy x Family anime series enriches the static manga pages always perfect animations and a dubbing and background music that emphasizes both the personality of the protagonists and the events. The collaboration between the two studios, which initially put off part of the community, was successful.

The adaptation, while very faithful to the original so far, does contain one Storyboard that includes additional scenes and details. These are essential in an animated series to keep pace and respect episode timing. In this regard, only the fifth installment of Spy x Family has caused some controversy among the fans.

L'Anime unfolds moments that may be unclear in manga, like the cartoons where little Anya uses her telepathic powers. These slight differences help viewers understand the product and make it easier to use.

According to the latest rumors, the anime Spy x Family will adapt the entire manga. If the quality would remain constant over time, this series could really prove itself one of the best ever produced.

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