What will be the future of Hunter X Hunter it's still a mystery. The manga was canceled by Weekly Shonen Jump, however, Shueisha publishers had announced a change in the publication format of the Yoshihiro Togashi series, of which there is unfortunately no news yet.

Last week, however, Jump announced upcoming Hunter x Hunter news, specifically for the next installment, which was announced in advance thanks to the usual leaks. Well then, The manga will not return as readers hopedbut this will be an initiative already promoted for the franchise in the past.

This is a reissue of theHunter x Hunter escape room starting next May 6th in Japan and upcoming release of new merch along with a Cafe entirely dedicated to Hisoka. In any case, although nothing is known about the manga yet, it is important that the franchise continues to be enriched with new projects and initiatives, a symptom that the publisher has absolutely not abandoned the gem of Yoshihiro Togashi.

When do you think the manga will come back? As usual, let us know your thoughts on the future resumption of Hunter x Hunter serialization by commenting below.

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