Dragon Ball great is one of the most popular titles of recent times. The manga is drawn by Toyotaro and has been published in V-Jump Magazine for years: the comic started in 2015 and is a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z and tells the adventures of Goku and the others as they try to protect the land from new threats .

In 2022, a new movie titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was announced. The film saw the collaboration of Akira Toriyama, with the film being set after the events of the Dragon Ball Super anime. Of course there are new characters in this film and above all new transformations of the protagonists.

After finishing the Granolah saga, Toyotaro started to make a superhero prequel saga with Goten and Trunks as protagonists, but now, with chapter 91 of the manga, let's move on to the main story of the movie, which we have already seen Return of Piccolo, Gohan and Pan on the cover and with the color page of this chapter that will initiate this saga adaptation.

Gohan is one of the main characters of the series and is known for his amazing transformations. In Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, Gohan got a new transformation called Gohan Beast: This form is activated when Gohan goes into a state of rage, increasing his strength and stamina. The transformation features classically colored skin and hair that grows very long and turns a grayish-white color similar to that of the full Ultra Instinct.

The presence of this form in the film implies this Gohan Beast will also be present in Dragon Ball Super Manga in a few chapters. But how will it be? Fan Chris has already envisioned the table in question, especially considering Toyotaro tends to take inspiration from Toriyama's work. That's exactly why he thinks there will be a homage to a well-known past transformation of the boy and that's why Gohan Beast will debut like Gohan Super Saiyan 2 during Cell games. The image below offers a version of this debut manga, is that how you want to see it?

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